Hi Everyone! Thanks for visiting my Statement of Purpose page. This isn’t a SoP for my blog, but the one I wrote to gain admission to graduate school.  I hope it will give you more insight into who I am and what some of my life and career goals are, beyond eating well and exercising! Enjoy, and as always, let me know your thoughts! 😀

I’ve always believed that the fruit of my academic pursuits have been culminating into something more than a bachelor’s degree. For many of my adolescent years, I wanted to become a doctor and endure the extended years of a college education, while enjoying all of the learning I would experience along the way. When I changed my focus toward studying Elementary Education, these dreams and goals never faltered. I want to become the best I can be in my area of study. I plan to do accomplish this in my graduate studies.

Currently, I wish to complete my master’s degree in the area of education. As I consider the details of my graduate studies, I believe I’d like to specialize in technology and how to meaningfully integrate technology into curriculum and instruction.

Elementary Education became my passion after I began volunteering for a youth leadership organization called, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership. It was during my volunteering that I realized I wanted to be able to always give back something to my community and to the youth within it. Soon after this discovery, I decided to take part in the single-most effective way I knew how to accomplish my new life pursuit: education. Technology has forever been another one of my passions. I enjoy computers and learning how new equipment works and contributes to the efficiencies of life. I have a natural tendency and patience for figuring technical things out. This greatly benefits me when I’m working with technologies, especially emerging ones. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered how my interests in this area could perfectly compliment my passion for education. I’d always considered each of these interests two separate entities until I took EME 2040: Introduction to Educational Technology and EME 4401: Integrating Technology in the Elementary Curriculum, and discovered that I could combine the two to create a new career focus. I want to be involved in an unprecedented side of education by helping create and realize the revolutionary ways that technology can help the “students of tomorrow” learn.

Overall, I truly believe that the integration of technology in curriculum and instruction is the area of specialization custom built for my graduate pursuits in education. It combines my foremost interests and passions into an academic area I would feel extremely fortunate to take part in.


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