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Please note that not all recipes are 100% originally created by me. This is just a reference for the recipes I provide and link to on my blog (and any modifications I make), so if you remember seeing them here, you can find them easily. Recipes are referenced to their original source within each post. Please give credit, just as I have, to the original source if you decide to include these recipes in your blog. Dates refer to the day I first posted my use of the recipe. Thanks!

Black Bean and Corn Layered Dip ( 1.9.09 )

Black Bean Soup ( 12.17.08 )

Chicken Ryan ( 1.14.09 )

Chicken Veggie Pot Pie ( 1.19.09 )

Easy Bake Ravioli ( 11.20.08 )

Hearty Oat Biscuits ( 1.20.09 )

Peppermint Coffee Cocoa ( 1.19.09 )

Southwestern Soup ( 1.11.09 )

Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti ( 12.10.08 )


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