Hi everyone! Just a quick update…

We made it to Orlando on Saturday after a long week of packing up Evan’s place in Gainesville. I literally turned around after my 16 hour drive back to Florida from Kentucky and headed to Gainesville. CRAZY!

Thanks to our good, good friends Callyn and Justin, moving was a huge success! We’re a few flights of stairs up, so it was an amazing workout that left my legs pretty sore on Sunday morning.

On Monday I spent the entire day unpacking the kitchen (can you tell where my priorities are?) People were in and out fixing things and setting up cable, so I just went with the flow of things and didn’t leave. Evan had his first day of work and it sounds like it’s going well so far!

Yesterday I had my first day of a new nannying gig I got here. It’s only for a couple of weeks, but has potential to continue in the fall so I am thankful! Last night we had insane storms here and our power was out for awhile.

Today I’m off to work again! I’m hoping to get in some work on the blog, but I’ve got some freelance work that is taking precedence.

Have a great hump day everyone!!!


Oh…and…pictures to come of the new place…as soon as I can find my camera. It’s burried somewhere!