This is where my daily updates of the Vegan Challenge will be posted, as well as where participants will be listed beginning April 1, 2009. If you’d like to join the challenge at any time during the month of April, please visit the original challenge posting to see the rules.

Participants (coming soon!)

So today started the Vegan Challenge and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be. I guess it’s not as different as how I normally eat, just maybe less convenient. I can’t make a quick yogurt and granola snack (unless I choose soy yogurt), eat eggs for breakfast, or add cheese to any of my meals anymore. Other than that, I think this is a really great thing to do to gain some new perspective! Overall, I wasn’t very hungry all day. I’m not sure what the deal was with that but I tried to honor that and eat when I got hungry. This turned into a pretty simple day that ended with an amazing dinner from Veganomicon.

Breakfast: an Apple Pie Larabar

It was quite the effort to get myself to eat this, even a couple of hours after I woke up I was still finishing it! It tasted wonderful, I just wasn’t hungry at all.


Lunch: An organic braeburn apple and an Ezekial 7-Sprouted Grains english muffin with almond butter.

I made two different kinds of almond butter today: The Hungry Yogini’s Maple Cinnamon AB (right) and my own plain, raw, organic almond butter with ground flax seed added (left). I’m saving about 50% by making my own organic AB. It costs me about $9 to make a pound of it on my own vs. $16-18 to buy it in the store! So awesome and so unbelievably easy.




Dinner: Pineapple Cashew Quinoa Stir-fry (Veganomicon)

For my first day of the Vegan Challenge, I really wanted to try a dinner recipe from Veganomicon. I’ve seen this one all over the blog world and have been drooling over it since then! I couldn’t wait to make it and it definitely was worthy of all its ravings. I loved this meal! It wasn’t hard to make at all and although I forgot to buy the red bell pepper at the grocery store today, it was still wonderful. Evan came over to give it a try (he’s trying out vegan eating this month too) and said he could eat this every night of the week! I loved the cashews, pineapple, quinoa, ginger…everything. If you don’t own this book (I highly recommend it…it reads like a novel to me), a simple search for this recipe should yield it somewhere on the internet.



Dessert: A small scoop of Mango sorbet and two pieces of Rapunzel Extra dark chocolate (no milk in the ingredients, btw)


Overall thoughts: all vegan, but not a lot of food. My appetite wasn’t feeling it today (maybe I’m stressed, exhausted or both). Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be hungry for more veggies and fruits!!

Vegan Challenge Question of the Day: Where do vegans get their calcium?

Evan and I were looking at the nutritional information for fruits and veggies. It seems like you’d have to consume A LOT of these to get enough. Do you take supplements? If so, which kinds?


I woke up ravenous!!! Seriously, yesterday’s lack of an appetite had caught up with me by 6 AM and I could not wait to eat!

Breakfast: fresh sliced pineapple and a toasted Ezekial EM with Maple Cinnamon AB.

Delicious and perfect in every way, shape, and taste.


Mid-morning snack: banana and 1/4 of this Coconut Larabar

I think it was the lack of sleep last night (5 hours…yikes!), but I was extremely light-headed this morning during my internship. I wound up eating my mid-morning snack super early to see if that would curb the nausea. The banana did the trick for about an hour and then it came back. Once I got home around noon it went away for the rest of the day. I need sleeeeep!


Lunch: Leftover Pineapple-Cashew-Quinoa Stirfry with Organic Spinach, grilled Flat-Out Wrap and a champagne mango

Amazing wrap filling…I highly recommend it. I felt like I was missing something the entire time I at this lunch, though. I still can’t put my finger on it. Crunch? Spice? umm…cheese, perhaps? Not sure.


Mid-Afternoon Snack: a sliced organic braeburn apple and some Cinnamon Puffins.

Boy did I need this snack…I was starving! I ended up throwing in a last minute protein addition of raw, plain almond butter (not pictured) to take to class tonight.



Dinner: Amy’s Vegetable Chili with brown rice and a ton of spinach. Side: Sesame Ezekial toast with Earth Balance.

Luckily my snack during class had done its job and I wasn’t about to eat my hand when it came time for dinner. I ate about half of this bowl and the piece of toast. Delicious…..yum!




Overall today went really well! Other than being extremely hungry all day, I think I did a pretty good job of trying to get in the fruits and veggies. I bought some organic kale tonight ($1.59…what?!) to get some extra calcium in my system this weekend. I also have another Veganomicon meal planned! OH and Evan picked us up some B-Complex supplements today in order to get that B12 replenished (thank you!) Speaking of Evan, he has a big interview tomorrow in Tampa that I wanted to wish him LUCK on! Anyone else, feel free to do the same if you wish 😀 Okay, I know that wasn’t a vegan interjection there, but he deserves it!

  • Day 3: Check back tomorrow!

2 Responses to “The Chase Daylight Vegan Challenge”

  1. Sarah W. Says:

    oh crap, I forgot to respond to the calcium comment.

    DARK leafy greens like kale & spinach are great sources of calcium – KathEats uses kale ALOT in her recipes.

    Molasses pack a calcium punch too – I’ve seen it used in pancakes, baked goods & chili! Theres actually a chili recipe in VwaV (vegan with a vengeance) that I want to try. so many recipes, too little time!

    also cereals are usually fortified as well as the nondairy milks. the nondairy milks usually have about 40% of your daily need. hemp is a powerhouse of nutrients – veggie girl swears by hemp milk.

    when I was eating tofu, that was usually a GREAT calcium source!

    and the clif/luna bars have good sources of iron, calcium, folic acid but now i’m not eating those anymore.

  2. Erin Says:

    Basically the same response to the calcium question: dark greens, fortified milk alternatives, and also sesame paste. I usually take a supplement, though I’m not that regular about it- a few times a week at least, and I take a good multivitamin every day.

    one yummy way to get a little tiny calcium kick is with gomashio: roasted black sesame seed salt. It’s so easy to make, and the roasting of the sesame seeds helps make the calcium in them more available. Plus, eating them in combination with the roasted sea salt makes eating sodium more healthy too. and did I mention it tastes great? I’m so addicted to it on soups, salads, breads,yogurt, you name it!

    Check out Maki’s instructions at Just Bento to make your own gomashio:

    great blogging, good luck with week two 🙂

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