Can anyone tell me where that title comes from? 😛

Hello! First, I have to apologize for my absence over the last week (seriously has it been that long?!) It feels like I just posted about Earth Day last night, but the calendar doesn’t lie I guess. Anyway, I’m alive and well and still thriving during the Vegan Challenge (more on that tomorrow, I promise). Life is just extra crazy right now with taking care of my final exams, working double my normal hours this week, spending time with Evan before I move, and stressing out over getting the last 2 years of my life packed and ready to move by Sunday morning. There was also an unexpected trip to the Dr. in there which I won’t get into, but I’ve got my meds and I’m fine now! 😀

I’ve got to run but I’ll leave you with these pictures from the last week (including some from my exciting day with Evan last Thursday!)

DSC_5407.JPG DSC_5410.JPG DSC_5429.JPG DSC_5432.JPG DSC_5436.JPG DSC_5439.JPG DSC_5440.JPG DSC_5455.JPG DSC_5481.JPG DSC_5511.JPG DSC_5514.JPG DSC_5523.JPG DSC_5537.JPG DSC_5546.JPG DSC_5551.JPG DSC_5566.JPG DSC_5596.JPG DSC_5597.JPG DSC_5599.JPG DSC_5601.JPG