Happy Earth Day everyone!!! This day really got me thinking about how Earth-friendly I’ve become since last year’s Earth Day. Let me count the ways:

  1. I started eating significantly more organic produce and foods, some of which is locally grown and purchased at farmers’ markets.
  2. I’ve been eating less animal products over the last year, and in the last month have completely eliminated them.
  3. I went from a gas-guzzling SUV to a tiny hatchback car that doubled the number of miles I could get per gallon.
  4. I started using more reusable grocery bags whenever possible.
  5. I stopped buying bottled water and instead purchased a Klean Kanteen and BPA-free Camelbak water bottle
  6. I bought a lunch box instead of using brown paper bags
  7. I started washing all of my clothes on the cold cycle.
  8. I’ve bought more environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  9. I cut my hair off!

Yes, you read #7 correctly. Cutting your hair is earth friendly! How?

  • You use less shampoo and conditioner which means less time in the shower washing your hair. Saves water, time, AND money!
  • It takes less time to blow-dry and straighten your hair, if you’re styling it. Saves energy, time and money!
  • You use less styling products which means less plastic bottles in the trash each year and saves you more money!

My goals for this coming year:

  • Use my reusable grocery bags every time I go to the store. I really wish our grocery stores would stop offering plastic/paper bags so everyone would be forced to reuse bags.
  • RECYCLE, RECYCLE, RECYCLE. I have gotten better about recycling this last year, but I could do so much better.
  • Keep the tires on my car properly inflated to make my car even more fuel-efficient.
  • Attempt to buy more local, organic produce.
  • Switch my beauty products to items with more natural ingredients (I’ve already done this with my deodorant and toothpaste)

How have you reduced your impact on our planet? Do have any goals for this coming year?


Today was Vegan Challenge Day 22 and it was pretty normal, including the appearance of two Amy’s products (are you really surprised? hehe)

Breakfast: Umm…I slept through breakfast. Let’s move to lunch.

Lunch: Amy’s Non-Dairy Burrito and an organic romaine, celery, cucumber and sunflower seed salad topped with Annie’s Goddess dressing.

I’m loving the goddess dressing. Yum, yum! You may have noticed I haven’t made many salads (I think this is only #2) during the Vegan Challenge. I’m really not a huge salad person and would rather somewhat disguise my veggies. I’m warming up to the salads more though as I start to crave more fresh veggies.


Mid-Afternoon Snacks: organic Braeburn apple and a vanilla coconut milk yogurt with ginger zing granola and added cinnamon.

The question was asked yesterday about my ginger zing granola. It’s Nature’s Path and I get it from the bulk bins at my local health food store. I picked this one because it’s made with molasses instead of honey and doesn’t contain whey protein. It also has yummy cashews added in 🙂


Dinner: Amy’s Enchilada Dinner Whole Meal

I was feeling lazy tonight and didn’t have any inspiration for cooking, so I picked this up after work. It wasn’t very big, but it was actually the perfect amount of food for me tonight as I wasn’t starving. If you’re looking for a lot of food, this isn’t it though. Definitely spend the extra buck and get one of the bowls instead or bulk it up with a bunch of spinach or something.



Dessert: Zesty Lemon Sorbet by Haagen Dazs

I absolutely love desserts with a bit of a bite to them. This one was almost borderline too much sweet and not enough bite. I’m contemplating making my on sometime. Has anyone ever made their own lemon sorbet? I’d love to be able to adjust the amount of lemon flavor!


Okay, that’s it from me for tonight! Stay tuned for tomorrow as Evan and I have loads of fun plans and I’m so so so excited about them! Yay!