Thanks for your awesome comments on last night’s post! You all are AMAZING and supportive friends! I’m feeling a lot better and more secure in my vegan decisions today. I think LOTS of sleep over the weekend will help too, as I am extremely sleep deprived and much more irritable than usual.

Man, was I productive this week! I’ve completed so many projects, papers, and assignments it’s ridiculous! Today was no different. Between my internship and my evening class I traveled to Citra to visit a windbreak trial for my agroforestry elective. Windbreaks are a series of trees planted around crops (in this case, citrus trees) to protect them from the wind and prevent soil erosion. It’s a natural and more sustainable method of farming and I actually think it’s pretty cool! Agroforestry practices, such as windbreaks, are how a lot of farmers are able to produce organic crops! Cool, right? Okay, maybe it’s just me, but truthfully, I’ve been dreading this assignment the entire semester. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed my time out there and how relaxing it was to just walk around the 10 acre windbreak and take pictures. I have some fun ones to show you 🙂







Okay, enough trees 🙂 Bring on the FOOD!

Vegan Challenge Day 16

Breakfast: 2 Natures Path waffles with raw almond butter (no picture, I was running SOOO late this morning!)

Mid-morning Snack: sliced pineapple (no picture)

Lunch: Amy’s Black Bean burrito with salsa and a valencia orange (side note: there were valencia trees today at the windbreak!)



Mid-afternoon Snack: A 16 oz. organic juice (cucumbers, spinach, parsley, carrots, apple)

I’ve tried so many times to eat carrots and drink carrot juice. I keep thinking that the next time I’ll actually start to like it. That day has not come yet. I like my smoothies/juices to have a sour kick to them (think granny smith apple, kiwi, or pineapple) and this one was wayyy to sweet with the carrots (there were like 6 in this). I drank the whole thing but it made me want to gag with all of the sweetness and a strong cucumber aftertaste. It’s safe to say that this is not my combination of choice.


Dinner: Mrs. LC’s Spanish Brown Rice and Homemade “Refried Beans” with Ezekial tortilla “chips” and organic salsa.

Yum!! Great job, Lindsey! This was very tasty and I LOVED making my own refried beans. They’re one of my favorite foods and I felt so great eating ones I made myself. The only change I made to the rice was adding about 1/2 cup of frozen organic corn to the mix. Since my version did not contain chicken, I think I would cook the rice with vegetable broth instead of water next time to really get the flavors going. Other than that, it was great! I broiled an Ezekial tortilla for about 5 minutes to make some “chips” for dipping. Perfecto! (this is a salad plate, fyi)



Dessert: None other than the rest of my Key Lime Pie Rice Cream. Oh man, mouth watering. I wish there were more!


In other news…

I attended my LAST UNDERGRADUATE CLASS tonight!!! How exciting is that? Equally exciting is the fact that my last day of my internship is tomorrow (!!!!!!!!!!!) In other words, I will be getting sleep again! Hallelujah. This thing has sucked the life out of me this semester and I’m so psyched that it’s going to be over. I will miss my fourth graders, but I think I’ve missed my sleep more over the last 16 weeks. The last obligation I have to attend is a presentation of my internship research on Saturday morning. Then, all that’s between me and my Bachelor’s degree is a take-home final, online final and online assignments. I’m on CLOUD NINE.

Until then, I must get some sleep! I think I’m actually going to get a decent 7 hours tonight. Amazing 🙂

Goodnight lovelies!