Good afternoon!! Thanks for your patience with my non-post last night. Food updates from Day 14 (yesterday) are below. I was up until 3 AM finishing up everything! Then I rolled out of bed at 7 AM to run to Wal-Mart and get some black ink for my over-worked printer. I printed about 100 pages worth of materials to turn in this morning and I’m happy to report that it’s all is someone else’s hands now and I don’t have to worry about it!!! Whew, such a relief. Now I can refocus on all of the stuff I have due tomorrow and the normal end-of-the-semester final exams and projects. Here’s what it all looked like when I was done:


So, as you can see from my title, today is the 2 week mark of the Vegan Challenge! How is everybody doing? Leave a comment and let me know 🙂 I have an update of my own for you to read tonight, so stay tuned! If you’re still curious about eating vegan and want to give it a shot, let me know! Remember you get 1 entry for the contest for every day that you participate!

Vegan Challenge (Day 14)

Breakfast: Green Smoothie (spinach, kale, rice milk, very ripe banana)

I put extra liquids in this smoothie and it actually was more like a juice than a smoothie. I really LOVED that consistency and I think I’ll keep doing this until I can get my hands on a juicer 🙂


Mid-morning Snack: Blood Orange


Lunch: Amy’s Chunky Vegetable Soup with Back to Nature Harvest Whole Wheats for dipping

Umm…I’ll be honest here. I came home and slept for three hours after my internship so this lunch wasn’t until about 3:30 PM! I’ve always loved vegetable soup (ask my Mom!) and this was perfect! I have another can that I can’t wait to eat 🙂

DSC_5121.JPGDSC_5126.JPG DSC_5132.JPG

Dinner: Amy’s Roasted Vegetable Pizza with sliced cucumbers and a watered down POM juice.

Remember that non-vegan pizza encounter I mentioned last night?? Well, my teacher brought in Pizza Hut pizza for the whole class to enjoy since it was our last day. Obviously, I didn’t want to eat this because it had cheese and butter. I will admit, it smelled AMAZING, but I didn’t feel deprived or left out by not eating it (YAY!) It did put me in a pizza mood though 🙂 And what late-night school work cram session is complete without PIZZA?

This Amy’s vegan pizza was FANTASTIC. Seriously, who needs cheese and butter on pizza? Not me! Topped with mushrooms, artichokes and red peppers, this had so much flavor and the crust was crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside–not that cardboard stuff! I’m not missing out on anything! I’m excited for these leftovers later 😀

DSC_5136.JPG DSC_5144.JPG DSC_5152.JPG

Dessert: Good Karma Organic Rice Divine, Key Lime Pie

What late-night cram session is complete without pizza AND ice cream? Haha 🙂 I discovered this little gem at Mother Earth and since it was much cheaper than its coconut counterpart (and had significantly less fat), I decided to try some over the evil 20 pager. It was definitely less creamy and had an aftertaste that definitely let you know that this was not made with cow’s milk. However, it was also much lighter in texture and flavor and I really appreciated that. Overall though, I really liked it and it helped me push through those last 3 hours of paper writing!



Okay, remember to stay tuned to tonight for an update on my struggles with the Vegan Challenge.

Have a wonderful rest of your Wednesday!