Hey everyone! Quick recap of my Sunday since I was feeling less-than-wonderful yesterday afternoon. I woke up with a lovely headache, which tends to happen if I sleep too much (12 hours again). I’ve always been that way! I’ll wake up with a lovely lower backache and an awesome dehydration headache. I’ve been avoiding taking anything for headache pains, and sticking to water seems to always help. That’s exactly what I did yesterday and I was back in action by 7 PM. Marvelous.

I wasn’t feeling like pictures yesterday so I’ll just explain my eats with a stock photo or two.

Vegan Challenge Day 5

Breakfast/Lunch: Ezekial EM with raw, plain Almond Butter and a side of pineapple. (no raisins on mine, but this is a stock photo)


Dinner: A box of Road’s End Organics Mac ‘n’ Chreese split with Evan. One serving (1/2 box) had 15g protein and 9g fiber! The “chreese” sauce is made with nutritional yeast. I loved the thick, heartiness of it and will definitely be trying more products by Road’s End Organics! We also made some green smoothies with pineapple, banana, rice milk, spinach, flax and ice. YUM! This meal kept me full from 7 PM ’til 1 AM when I went to bed!

Picture 3

Dessert: 1 1/2 of these…Mmmm…raisins…


Eating vegan is way easier than I thought it would be! I have yet to try it out at someone’s dinner party, a BBQ, or out at a restaurant, but when I’m cooking for myself, there are no problems! When it comes down to it, I’ve really only eliminated cheese and yogurt from my day-to-day diet. However, I may be introducing some soy yogurt (in moderation!!) into the meal plan this week because that’s what I truly miss the most (yogurt and granola…yum!) Overall, I’m loving how light and wonderful I am feeling and how the emotional attachments to food (mostly cheese) are virtually gone. I feel free! 😀

A few things before I go…

  • Make sure you visit Meghann’s 2nd Bake Sale bid-war that’s going on right now and get yourself some sweets! Man, I wish I could afford some of Veggie Girl’s Blondies or Fitnessista’s Macaroons….yummm.

See you tonight for Day 6 of my Vegan Challenge!