I have been waiting for this day the entire semester! The Friday before my internship’s spring break! I feel wonderfully free and liberated, simply by knowing I don’t have to wake up at 6 AM on Monday morning for a 13-hour day! Ah…

I know I’ve said it a million times before, but the stress I’m under and the amount of sleep I’m getting can be directly seen in the cleanliness and organization of everything else in my life. Needless to say, my room is a disaster. I’ll spare you the full onslaught of mess that’s going on in my bedroom at the moment, but here’s a little peak of my teeny tiny bathroom. I’m sure you can use your imagination for the rest.


I’m working on it, especially now that I’m feeling a lot less stress! I love a good, clean room (house, for that matter) and I know it directly affects my moods and stress levels. I should be able to maintain a calm and simplified humble abode until I start packing to move in a few weeks. Phew…

Day 3 of the Vegan Challenge

I really, truly overslept this morning. I woke up about 10 minutes before I had to head out the door. Whoops! That’s the closest I’ve cut it all semester (which is an accomplishment in and of itself) so I didn’t beat myself up about it too much. It did mean that my breakfast had to be wicked fast and I had to grab quick this for lunch and mid-afternoon snack for work this afternoon.

Breakfast: a Raw Organic Food Bar in Chocolate Coconut and a banana.

Lunch: a Amy’s Non-Dairy Burrito and a sliced organic anjou pear (my favorite!)

Mid-Afternoon Snack: a Cashew Cookie Larabar


Very simple! It probably goes without saying that I was ready for dinner pretty early tonight. I went for more simplicity.

Dinner: Leftovers from last night and 2 Ezekial Sesame slices with Earth Balance.


That’s it? Yep, that’s all I have for you! My tummy is quite content and so am I!

So now that it’s the first Friday of the Vegan Challenge, how is everyone doing?? If you’ve posted about your progress in a blog today, send me the link so I can read all about it. If you’re a reader participant (there are a few of you out there!) shoot me an email and let me know how it’s going. I’d love to feature your thoughts in my future posts, if it’s okay with you, of course.

If you’re just joining us on this journey (or are planning to soon), remember you can join at any time and leave at any time! Check out the rules here . Just keep my updated on what your situation is and I’ll make sure to give you the correct amount of entries for the giveaway at the end. Sound good?!

I can’t wait to hear from you all!


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I’m going go to finish tackling my laundry and then get some sleep! I hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday evening πŸ˜€