Hi wonderful CD readers!

Thanks for your calcium suggestions last night! I knew most of that, but I might end up finding a good supplement in addition to the foods you suggested.

It’s almost Friday, can you believe it?! For me, it’s the first Friday (Saturday and Sunday!) I will be staying PUT since the middle of February! Ahh…sigh of relief and relaxation. And you know what makes it even better? Next week is my spring break #2–this time from my internship! Me waking up at the crack of dawn after a late night of classes is ending tomorrow…for a week at least 😀 I’m very excited!

5K run update from last night: I’ve decided not to run in this race (sorry, Baley!) It’s not because I’ve haven’t trained, though. When I sat down and thought about it, I just really wanted a Saturday morning to not have anywhere to go or anywhere to be because, as I said above, it’s been a long time. This has been a rough week month with not-so-great sleeping hours and I just can’t imagine pushing myself this weekend again. So that’s that…sleep for me on Saturday, yay!

Day Two of the Vegan Challenge

I woke up ravenous!!! Seriously, yesterday’s lack of an appetite had caught up with me by 6 AM and I could not wait to eat!

Breakfast: fresh sliced pineapple and a toasted Ezekial EM with Maple Cinnamon AB.

Delicious and perfect in every way, shape, and taste.


Mid-morning snack: banana and 1/4 of this Coconut Larabar

I think it was the lack of sleep last night (5 hours…yikes!), but I was extremely light-headed this morning during my internship. I wound up eating my mid-morning snack super early to see if that would curb the nausea. The banana did the trick for about an hour and then it came back. Once I got home around noon it went away for the rest of the day. I need sleeeeep!


Lunch: Leftover Pineapple-Cashew-Quinoa Stirfry with Organic Spinach, grilled Flat-Out Wrap and a champagne mango

Amazing wrap filling…I highly recommend it. I felt like I was missing something the entire time I at this lunch, though. I still can’t put my finger on it. Crunch? Spice? umm…cheese, perhaps? Not sure.


Mid-Afternoon Snack: a sliced organic braeburn apple and some Cinnamon Puffins.

Boy did I need this snack…I was starving! I ended up throwing in a last minute protein addition of raw, plain almond butter (not pictured) to take to class tonight.



Dinner: Amy’s Vegetable Chili with brown rice and a ton of spinach. Side: Sesame Ezekial toast with Earth Balance.

Luckily my snack during class had done its job and I wasn’t about to eat my hand when it came time for dinner. I ate about half of this bowl and the piece of toast. Delicious…..yum!




Overall today went really well! Other than being extremely hungry all day, I think I did a pretty good job of trying to get in the fruits and veggies. I bought some organic kale tonight ($1.59…what?!) to get some extra calcium in my system this weekend. I also have another Veganomicon meal planned! OH and Evan picked us up some B-Complex supplements today in order to get that B12 replenished (thank you!) Speaking of Evan, he has a big interview tomorrow in Tampa that I wanted to wish him LUCK on! Anyone else, feel free to do the same if you wish 😀 Okay, I know that wasn’t a vegan interjection there, but he deserves it!


In other news…

I went a little crazy on TODOIST today…

Picture 1

This isn’t even the half of my OCD-fast growing list! Seriously, check out this tool…I’m officially in love. As soon as Angela over at Oh She Glows featured this tool on her blog earlier in the week, I was hooked. What could get better than color-coding, lists, and check boxes sorted by dates, priority, and project types? I’m in love! Plus, they have a Firefox Plug-In that allows you to see your to do’s at any time during your web browsing. See it over there?

Picture 2

When procrastinating your life reading blogs or playing on Facebook, this baby is staring at you the whole time reminding you that there’s work to be done! OKAY…technology geek in me–out. (you think I chose the right master’s program?! haha)

I am off to get that sleep I mentioned earlier!

Goodnight 🙂