GUESS WHAT!? Check this out…

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I can’t even begin to explain to you how relieved and excited I am to have a place to go next year! I’ve felt like a lost puppy these last few months, not knowing if I’d have a home by August! It’s great to know I can move to Tampa this Fall if I want to, and do what I want to do! Ahh… sweet relief.


Oikos Greek Yogurt Review

Since I am starting my Vegan Challenge tomorrow, I decided tonight would be an appropriate time to do my Oikos Greek Yogurt review! When I returned from Spring Break a couple of weeks ago, I had a few free yogurt coupons from Kristina at Oikos waiting for me. I tried the vanilla flavor here and here. I have to say…I really enjoyed the extra thickness and bite that this version of greek yogurt had. Plus, it’s organic! I think I’d choose this over Chobani any day if it weren’t for the price tag. Oh the price vs. organic goodness dilemma strikes again…



Today’s eats have been quick as I am go-go-going all day long it seems!

Breakfast was a Raw Organic Fiber Chocolate Delight Bar (14g!), an orange, and my last POM Wonderful.


I liked the bar’s fiber content, but it definitely had that cardboard-y taste. I would buy it again to get loaded on fiber though!\


Lunch was my new fave: sweet potato, black and pinto beans, banana peppers, and some sliced cheese. I will still be eating this during the Vegan Challenge (sans cheese!)


Mid-afternoon snack was an organic anjou pear and a Chocolate Chip Z Bar


Since I had to work tonight, I went to Book Lover’s Cafe (also seen here and here) for a quick sandwich after class. I had the Tempeh Reuben with a side salad and balsamic vinaigrette.

Photo 25.jpg

This was my first experience with tempeh and I really liked it! Overall the sandwich was too salty for me, but I will definitely be eating some tempeh over the next month! I can’t wait to experiment πŸ™‚

I’m off to bed now…I have a long to-do list tomorrow! Plus it’s the first day of the Vegan Challenge and I’m full of mixed emotions about it: nervous, excited, anxious… I hope I can do it! Goodnight!

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