Hi all! I wanted to quickly post this afternoon about my 10K “race” this weekend. Why the quotations? Well, the Take Stock in Children Thunder and Lightning 10K was canceled yesterday due to this monster that ripped through Florida over the weekend (accuweather.com):


Lovely, right? The thunder and lightning set in around 6 AM and didn’t let up until at least noon. I was all set to go at the race, had warmed up and stretched when the call was made that another band of storms would be hitting the area within the hour and that it wasn’t safe for anyone to be out in that. It was a good call because the torrential downpour of rain that came within the hour would have been miserable to run in and the lightning would have made it extremely dangerous. I was disappointed because I’ve been training for this for 2 months and had driven all the way to Sarasota to run, but my entrant fee went to a good cause and helped raise $65,000 for Take Stock in Children. Fees will be discounted for next year’s race, so maybe I’ll try again then!

I’ll have some pictures of the event up in tonight’s post but I wanted to keep you updated. I got about 4 hours of sleep last night so I’m going to go relax until the twins wake up. Catch ya later!