That’s the question! I have a paper to write so I need to make this quick!

Diving right in…I want to do my partial review of the book, Skinny Bitch, that Evan and I listened to on the road this weekend. The first half has been really eye opening and straightforward, providing loads of healthy eating suggestions and information about food and health in general. After a couple of chapters (discussions of meat and animal treatment–terrible!) it was evident that the authors were at least vegetarians. A few more pages in (during the discussion of milk) it became very clear that the authors were vegans. They definitely had an agenda for getting the vegan message out there. After taking a lot of commentary with a grain of salt, I made my own comment to Evan that we always think we’re eating well until we hear some new information about how something else is bad for you. It’s a never-ending learning cycle where, honestly, all of the facts keep pointing towards veganism being the perfect (and most natural) way to fuel your body. After reading part of this book and other information, I’m starting to agree. More about the book next week after we finish it.

I know that I could very easily become a vegetarian–I just haven’t had any personal reasons to take the plunge yet. Now I feel even more compelled to dive deeper and see how becoming a vegan works for me. I know I could avoid milk, cheese, eggs, butter, etc…(especially after reading Skinny Bitch), so my only concern is the use of soy products to supplement a vegan diet. I know a lot of people just avoid soy all together, but there are so many great replacement products out there (that I’d definitely be interested in eating more of as a vegan). So I really want to know what your thoughts are on soy and all of the “bad” things that have been discovered about it recently (its hormone-like effects and thyroid issues). And for any of you vegans out there, do you avoid soy or embrace it? It’s hard to find any consistent research on whether soy is good or bad, so is this just a question of moderation?

Today’s eats…

For breakfast I tried something new that I learned about in Skinny Bitch. Apparently all of the “goodness” in fruits is best absorbed and processed by our bodies if they are eaten alone and on an empty stomach. The authors recommended that you eat fruit when you first wake up and wait a half an hour before eating anything else. That’s exactly what I did and it was easier to stay full during the morning without an extra mid-morning snack.

Organic strawberries and a few freshly cut pineapple slices:


The fruit prepared me for a yummy breakfast cookie that I ate about 45 minutes later:


Lunch was Amy’s Split Pea soup, two slices of Sesame Ezekial with Earth Balance and a cold navel orange:


Mid-Afternoon snack was a green with envy smoothie with spinach, 2 small, very ripe bananas, 1/2 cup POM Wonderful and 1/2 cup of unsweetened Vanilla Living Harvest Hemp Milk. That’s my double-walled, reusable cup from Starbucks that is great for cold stuff on-the-go (in my case, going to class!)


Dinner was a modified repeat of last week: organic sweet potato with pinto and black beans, banana peppers, and Cabot Seriously Sharp cheddar cheese melted on top. I was really glad I decided to add pinto beans to the mix. They added a different taste and texture to this all-inclusive dinner. Yum, yum! Sadly I am now out of banana peppers and wasn’t able to add as many to this as I would have liked!


Dessert… well…I was this far into it when I remembered to take a picture. Whoops!


Before it hit my mouth, it was a small amount of Mango Sorbet and two squares of 70% Cacao Dark Chocolate…for dipping… 😛

Off to bed! Goodnight all 🙂