I’m alive! It’s just been a crazy MONTH and driving around the state and back and forth so much is taking its toll on my energy to do much more than what’s most important. Not much left for the fun stuff, like blogging! I’m gearing up for another week and will be heading home again on Friday in preparation for my 10K on Sunday (yay!).

Until then, you can expect to see these topics in the next few days (so much to catch you up on!)

  • Moosie’s (Evan’s grandmother) 95th Birthday Party!
  • Bike riding adventures in Sarasota
  • My partial review of the book Skinny Bitch that we listened to on audiobook during our driving this past weekend. I say partial because we’ll be finishing it this coming up weekend during our drive back to Sarasota. Angela at Oh She Glows read this book and now I know why it had such an effect on her!
  • My thoughts on veganism (brought on by the aforementioned book)
  • My own version of a Crap Free Week that I’ve been thinking about…
  • A review of Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt
  • A review of POM Wonderful
  • Exciting news about my 10K race this weekend
  • As always, lots and lots of FOOD.

See you tonight!