Hi everyone! It’s been a long, 13-hour day for me and I’ve lived to tell about it! On Mondays I go from my internship, straight to nannying, then straight to teaching swim lessons. It’s 3 different sets of clothes to pack up, as well as making sure I have some good food to eat throughout the day.

Breakfast was a toasted 7-grain Ezekial english muffin with Naturally Nutty Vanilla Almond Butter (SO GOOD). I think I actually like the 7-grain Ezekial better than the Cinnamon Raisin version! Yum! On the side was a sliced navel orange.


Mid-morning snack was a Chocolate Chip Z Bar. Like candy.


Like I said above, I try to pack enough fuel for my long Monday. This is why I try to buy 2 Amy’s Burritos for each week. They’re the easiest, most delicious product that I can just throw in my duffel bag for lunch. Today was no different and I had the usual, non-dairy version at lunchtime with an organic Braeburn apple. (stock photo)


I apparently forgot to pack anything for my before-work, mid-afternoon snack. I was starving and had a minute to stop at Publix before heading to teach swimming. I picked up a Red Pepper Sabra Hummus and Pretzel to-go cup (have you seen these yet?!) and Mango Tango Odwalla Smoothie. It held me over until I was ready for dinner around 8:30 PM!



Dinner was quick as well (are you spotting a trend?) Amy’s was the star of another meal. I tried the Tamale Verde dinner.


Just a few things to note: I did not cook this in the plastic wrapping, but did keep it in its cardboard bowl. I was really impressed that wasn’t plastic too! I wrapped the bowl in a paper towel and cooked according to the directions. It worked perfectly! I put this on top of a bed of organic spinach and topped it with some organic salsa.


Delicious! It had lots of flavor and I would definitely eat this dinner again! The corn masa was incredible and the filling was even better. I’m glad I decided to add the spinach (for some bulk/extra veggies) and the salsa (for some added moisture and flavor).

Dessert was some Mango sorbet that was on sale at Publix! Notice the return of my mini bowl/spoon combination. Yay!



Okay, moving onto my weekend food. There was some oatmeal, some pizza, some yummy breakfast… Saturday night’s dinner will be separate below.

Saturday morning oatmeal (oats, pb, cinnamon, banana, coconut) and tea on an outdoor table that my aunt painted.



My dog, Chester, begging for some delicious oatmeal!


My other dog, Cole, could care less about food so long as he has a ball to play with!


A Publix sub for lunch (multi-grain bread, turkey, lettuce, banana peppers, cucumbers, provolone cheese)


Sunday morning was breakfast with Evan’s family at First Watch. I had the Greek Fetish omelet with egg whites, no olives, breakfast potatoes, and a dry English muffin. Yum, yum! I also had a few glasses of water since I had run 6.2 miles (10K) earlier that morning.


A pre-driving lunch/dinner was a Fresh Market White Pizza made by my dad and split between Evan and myself. My portion:



Moosie’s 95th Birthday Celebration

On Saturday night, I celebrated the 95th birthday of Evan’s grandmother, nicknamed Moosie, with Evan’s family. She doesn’t look 95, does she?!


Here are some pictures from the evening (with some amazing food mixed in!)


Baked brie with a delicious crust!


The dinner spread


My plate


Blowing out the candles!


Dessert (yummmm)


A little twelve-string slack key courtesy of Evan’s dad!


Champagne! (Evan’s Aunt Grace and the wonderful hostess)


My boyfriend, the jokester, and his fake mustache!


Hahaha…it was pretty hilarious!


And last but not least, Evan’s family with Moosie:


That’s it for me tonight! See you tomorrow for more of the fun stuff I mentioned earlier today!