Hi everyone! I’ve missed you! I’m back in Gainesville trying to adjust to non-Spring Break life…it’s tough work. I feel like I need to sleep for two days, but I can’t because there’s so much going on. Sigh… (and yawn).

Before I recap my cruise, I wanted to let you know that I really did want to post yesterday,but after getting home at 11 PM Sunday night, getting up at 6:30 AM Monday morning and not getting home again until 7:30 PM, I just couldn’t get myself to do it. Now that I’ve gotten a little afternoon break from everything, I figured I’d post a little earlier than usual! It’s a long one, so I hope you have some time on your hands 🙂 Okay, on to the exciting stuff:

Chase Daylight’s 2009 Spring Break Cruise

Pre-Cruise in Melbourne:

We relaxed with Evan’s family and had some yummy home cooking. On Sunday night, Evan’s mom and I compiled a yummy recipe from bella eats called Enchi-ritos . I combined the two fillings she used to create a sinful and vegetable-loaded mix. This was a huge hit at Evan’s house! Plus, combining the fillings made a total of 8 burritos instead of the 5 that Andrea had. I think I want to make these again this weekend for my family! Yum, yum…try them! Here’s what the two leftover ones looked like:


Cruise Day 1:

We made it to Miami with no problems, just a little later than we wanted originally. Soon after boarding the ship it was time for some lifeboat/vest training. Don’t we look good in bright orange?

IMG_0628.JPG IMG_0629.JPG

Then we were STARVING and had the first major indulgence of the cruise…burgers and fries. So good, but so bad! I didn’t feel my best after this.


Then it was time for a drink!

IMG_0637.JPG  IMG_0636.JPG

And a beautiful sunset…


When it was time for our 8:15 dinner seating, we were ecstatic to discover that we had a true “table for two” of our very own!


Soup…(cannot remember what kind, but it was good!)


The vegetarian choice: Cheesy Cinnamon Sweet Potato/Squash Pot Pie with polenta. A pleasant surprise of amazing flavors! I had no idea what to expect when I ordered this but it was great!


Evan’s totally blog-worthy melted chocolate cake dessert…I had a bite and it was goooood.


My Key Lime Pie…a truly amazing dessert that I could eat every single night!


We hit the hay pretty early on the first day…it was an early wake-up call in Key West the next morning!

Cruise Day 2: Key West!

We were welcomed to beautiful Key West with a spectacular sunrise. I really felt like I was truly chasing daylight with all of the sunsets and sunrises I caught over the week!


I ate this breakfast while I watched the sun come up over Key West. Easily one of the best (and healthiest) meals I ate the entire cruise.


Our ship:


Taking the Conch Train ride into Key West from our port:


See the rooster? They’re all over Key West! Along with chickens, they are protected on this island. They were crowing SO much as the sun was coming up! Right outside that poor person’s window and everything…haha.


Our first stop was Hemingway’s House. Beautiful grounds and even cuter cats! Almost every cat has at least 6 toes on the front paws. The views of the lighthouse were great too! (excuse the weird picture of me below…I was caught mid-smile and then the cat ran away from me!)









Then we hopped on our (free) trolley and went around the entire island of Key West. We passed the Southernmost point:


When we got off we headed to the beautiful Mallory Square:



Before we knew it, our time was up in Key West. Both of us were so disappointed that we had to leave so soon. I definitely want to go back ASAP! Not pictured: Chocolate Covered Frozen Key Lime Pie on a stick…a must-have in Key West for me!

The rest of the day was filled with some random lunch items (cucumbers and before and after of the carb-loaded plate):


IMG_0679.JPG  IMG_0680.JPG

IMG_0682.JPG IMG_0681.JPG

Enjoying the view of Key West as we departed:



This day was the only one I made it to the gym on! I ran 3 wobbly miles (the ship was rocking and it was the only time I felt really sea sick) and did some great stretching afterward too.

Dinner was elegant night with some excellent food. Funny story: my hair was curly for the rest of the week because I blew the fuse in the only outlet we had trying to blow-dry my hair for dinner on this night. Whoops!


Woodbridge White Zinfandel


Lobster and Shrimp dinner with mashed taters and broccoli. I skipped the melted butter for dipping.


Grand Marnier Custard…tasted like eggs. I had a few bites and couldn’t eat anymore after that.


The rest of the night was spent a shows and the casino! Lots of fun 🙂

Cruise Day 3: Cozumel, Mexico

We slept in on this morning and got up in time to venture into Cozumel. Look at all of those ships!




We hopped on a taxi and were off to Chankanaab Park to snorkel









I had so much fun snorkeling around the water for an hour or so! For the rest of the time we wandered around the grounds, headed back to the port, and explored the area surrounding the port. Unfortunately, I don’t have any more pictures of the trip (camera battery died), but the next day was just our day at sea. We ate (a lot, as promised!) and went to some shows throughout the day.

Since this is getting really long, I will wait to give you my pros and cons list of my first cruise experience! There were definitely some of each throughout the week, but I’ll get to those tomorrow probably. Until then, enjoy all of the pictures I’ve posted! I’m off to class…

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!