Hi everyone! Welcome to Day 4 of our cruise!

Catching up?

Today we are having a fun day at sea! Having never cruised before, I have no idea what this means for our plans other than…we’re not getting off that ship! haha 🙂 It’s our last full day on board so you better bet we’ll be trying to fit in lots of fun things today! Shows, food, swimming, food….you know! Haha. I will definitely be taking advantage of the gym or track at some point today too…maybe a yoga class? That would be fun!

Adios amigas (like the Spanish I picked up in Cozumel? hehe ;-))


Today’s guest post comes from the lovely Amanda at Two Boos Who Eat. Amanda brings you an awesome post on making your own homemade pizza! Her and her fiancé’s blog is great, so you should definitely check that out too! As always, leave her some love!!!

Hello Everyone! My name is Amanda and I’m going to show you how to make a quick and easy bbq chicken pizza. My blog is called Two Boos Who Eat and is a healthy living project that my fiancé and I started about three months ago. When Ryan asked for guest posts, I jumped at the opportunity. Hope you enjoy your cruise, Ryan!

First we took some premade whole wheat pizza dough and rolled it out flat with some AP flour and a rolling pin.
Then I mixed some sliced bbq chicken strips with bbq sauce. You can easily substitute baked tofu here. Or cook your own chicken. We used pre-cooked and pre-sliced for convenience reasons. It made for a easier dinner for me. I work and go to school fulltime so the quicker the better!
Once the dough rolled out, we layered on bbq sauce, cilantro, onion and chicken. I liked to put half the ingredients in a pizza underneath the cheese.
I topped with a little shredded cheddar and feta cheese.
And next we placed the pizza in an oven for 15 minutes at 350 degrees! Voila! You can always make a salad while the pizza cooks. This pizza easily serves 4 people with 2 slices each.

Thanks for letting me guest post Ryan!