Hello! Welcome to Day 2 of our cruising itinerary!

Catching up?

At 7:30 AM this morning we docked in Key West. Plans for today? A (free) Old Town Trolley Tour, a visit to the Kino’s Sandal Store, and whatever else we can pack in before we leave for Cozumel, Mexico at 2:00 PM today!

So how did we get a free trolley tour? Well, when Evan and I went to Savannah, Georgia for Memorial Day weekend last year, we paid a hefty $25 for an evening ghost tour with Old Town Trolleys. Unfortunately, it was terrible and boring (people were falling asleep!). We were really disappointed and decided to take advantage of the company’s 100% money-back guarantee. Thankfully, they were great about returning our money promptly and we each received 2 free trolley tour passes to boot. We’re going to use 2 of our 4 passes in Key West. Hopefully this tour will be more satisfactory! This will be a great way to save money ($29!!) AND get all of the historic details of Key West. We love stuff like that!

I hope you’re all having a fabulous Tuesday!


Today’s guest post comes from fellow blogger, runner and sweet friend Ashley from Daily Goods. She wrote a fabulous post about blogger exchanges. I have yet to do one of these and was really excited to see what Ashley wrote about them. Read on, and let her know what you think!!

Exchange? Yes please!

Hey guys! It’s Ashley from over at DailyGoods. I am so excited to be doing my first guest post 🙂 I love Ryan’s blog, and I’m sure you guys are missing her big time, but for now I’ll try and make the pain a little more bearable.

I’m a rookie blogger but have been loving every second of this journey. One of the most exciting things that has happened so far has been BLOGGER EXCHANGES 🙂 I’ve done 3 so far. One with Allison from GreendogWine and two with Lora from Honey Nut Lo. I’m also in the midst of another exchange with Kristina from Nikes and Ponytails.




I know there are a lot of other bloggers out there that are pretty new, so here’s a little info on getting some exchanges done!

  1. You just can’t find that certain something that you’re looking for and NEED IT. With my exchange with Allison, she was searching for Arnold’s Sandwich Thins and I had them around me, so we decided to do a little switcheroo. With Lora, she was searching for the same thins but also some mighty maple. I was desperately seeking some Barney Butter.
  2. Do your research. Once I found out I was doing an exchange, I did a little digging. I went through their websites to find out things they liked, favorite foods, favorite colors, anything that hinted me to what they would truly enjoy in a package. I think taking the time and effort to pick out specific things that are special to the person really makes the difference.
  3. Set a limit. It’s nice to agree on a spending limit with the other blogger. That way one of you won’t spend way more than the other, and you both are happy.
  4. Shop Shop Shop! I definitely hit up a few different places to find everything. Sometimes things just aren’t in one store. It’s nice getting a variety of different things. I personally loveeee to shop, especially when its food related items, and its even more fun for me when it’s for someone else. Picking out the perfect items make me happy.
  5. Send a card. It’s always uplifting when you get a personalized letter. Describe everything you sent, and if you have specific reasons why you picked them out. It makes everything so much more personal and heartfelt.
  6. Get Connected. Exchanges are a fun little something that helps you connect with other bloggers. It’s a great way to  make new friends and to strengthen old friendships. I was really new to blogging when I had these exchanges, and it really helped me feel welcome in the community!

I hope you enjoyed my guest post, and if you have any questions please feel free to email me at dailygoodsblog@gmail.com or visit me at www.dailygoods.wordpress.com

Hope you’re having fun Ryan!!