Hello! Happy Monday lovely bloggies! Welcome to Day 1 of our cruise adventures!

Catching up?

Today we will be venturing off to Miami, Florida to the port for Carnival Cruise lines! We’re getting there early in order to maximize our time on the ship and get settled in before we set sail at 4:00 PM. Our evening will be spent just getting a feel for everything the ship has to offer and getting ready for our day in Key West tomorrow (starting promptly at 7:30 AM!). I can’t wait to try the food!!!!

Look out for tomorrow’s Key West post!


Today’s guest post comes from the amazing and inspiring Bobbi from N Her Shoes. Bobbi wrote an awesome post about her journey to the Boston Marathon that’s coming up this year and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did! Leave her some love!

Her Journey to Boston

Bobbi McCormick from NHerShoes

Exercise is obviously something I am very passionate about. I run at least three days a week, do aerobic kickboxing three times, yoga at least 4 days, and try and get strength training in when I can. It wasn’t until about a year and a half ago that I starting training smarter, and not harder! I joined a women running group and that is where I learned how to not only be physically stronger, but mentally stronger as well.


Isn’t it interesting to see runners out there that are not wearing comfortable cloths, running in old shoes, and running 20 miles?! WHAT! Yes that was me. I would throw on pajama pants and old tennis shoes and jet out the door to get in a run, which is fine if you’re running for maybe 20 minutes or so, but I would run for over an hour like that. I would constantly chafe, get overheated, my sports bra never fit, and my feet would KILL me. I didn’t know any better, I didn’t know that there was anything else out there.


As I started learning that there is a smarter way to train, and become a better runner, I took it very seriously. I decided that I was going to run the Boston Marathon, no matter what it took. I finally bought some decent running shoes, my Asics that I adore, fell in love with running skirts, and carried water on all my long runs. I also used a plan to run my last marathon, instead of just running random useless miles. I learned what speed work was, and fell in love with the track. It took a lot of hard work and tenacity, but I made it to my first ever 3:20 marathon! It wasn’t easy by any means, but I know that if I could PR from a 4:20 to a 3:20 in a span of a year, then anybody can become a better runner they just have to WANT IT!

I have fellow runners that run a lot of extra miles during the week, and in my opinion you should run no more then 8-9 miles during the week. Most of your weekly runs should consist of easy 3 milers, tempo runs, or hitting the track. A smart runner also needs to be doing weight training as well, keeping your whole body fit for the road. I suggest doing some cross training in there, but keep it light if you are doing a race because you don’t want to get an injury before the big day. I also suggest doing Yoga as much as possible. We all know that stretching is great for our body, but Yoga is also good for your soul. DON’T OVER DO IT! Listen to your body if you feel tired one day and can’t get the run in, don’t stress about it you will be ok to take that day off. Listening to your body is CRUCIAL in being a smarter runner.


What about fuel? I have many people ask me how I fuel before a race, during, and after. The night before a race, I try and have a balanced meal of carbs, protein, and fats. I don’t believe in CARBO LOADING, I think balance is best. I drink a ton of water throughout the week before, and I eat a little more carbs the first part of the week, and then more protein the couple days leading up to the race. The night before I love to have cheese less pizza ( I have an intolerance for cheese on pizza). I like to make it if possible, with lots of veggies and chicken. BBQ Chicken Pizza is the best way to go in my opinion. The morning of I try and have a small bowl of oats and a cup of coffee with a spoonful of PB, if the race is early I will have just a piece of toast, pb, and a half a banana. During the race, or long run, I carry Hammer Gels. Hammer has all natural ingredients, and taste better in my opinion. I take one after the first 5 miles, and then another every 30-40 minutes after that. I don’t drink GATORADE; I drink Heed, another product made by Hammer. I carry a wonderful water bottle with me and sip it all through the race. After the run or race, I go straight for some protein. I usually have a water bottle that is already prepared for me full of all replenish ingredients; I am not a believer in eating ice-cream after a marathon. I would probably throw it up. Of course I eat lots of carbs and drink lots of water to replenish my calorie deficit, but I know that for me when I have a hearty smoothie filled with protein, I tend to get a lot less SORE.

I am super excited about the Boston Marathon this year, because not only is it my first time visiting Boston, the race is actually on my Birthday! I am so excited to see all the runners, and fans. I am sure this will be a lifetime achievement in my book, and I want to finish strong no matter what. I know that for a runner, the Boston Marathon is a big deal but for me it’s more then just the marathon it’s the person that I have become while leading up to this event. If this girl can do it, so can you. Want it, live it, love it!