It’s Saturday!! Evan and I are now in Melbourne, Florida until Monday morning. I’m not sure what we have planned other than getting in some relaxing family time! Maybe we’ll visit the zoo or the beach or something! Updates will come next week but here are a few pictures I took on our last trip to the Brevard Zoo!









Guest posts start up tomorrow, so make sure you look out for those! Here’s who you have to look forward to:

Show these ladies some love over the next week! They’re awesome for offering to keep my blog going while I’m gone and I really can’t thank them enough!!!

For clarification purposes, all of these posts were scheduled to go up before I left. I wrote and prepared all of them ahead of time so I don’t have to worry about blogging on my vacation. Hopefully they post when they’re supposed to! If you’re a new commenter, I’ll approve your comments when I get back. Please still leave them though…I love reading comments 😀

Okay, I’m keeping this short and sweet because it’s the weekend and I know you all have lots of amazing things to do today! Have a wonderful Saturday!!