Quick post because my day has been neverending! I literally started at 6 AM and did not come home until 10 PM. I went from my internship, straight to nannying, then to teaching swim lessons, then to lesson plan with my teaching partner. Crazy! And all day I was craving a Green with Envy smoothie that I couldn’t get home to make! I’m definitely in need of some veggies tomorrow! And hopefully a run? My quads are quite sore, but I think I’m ready to start moving again tomorrow. I just hope I have the time! The week before Spring Break is always way too crazy.

For breakfast this morning I quickly grabbed a Cinnamon and Raisin Ezekial english muffin that I topped with Mara Natha raw almond butter. I’m getting down to the end of my jar and fully intend to make some almond butter of my own tomorrow to get me through the end of the week and weekend. YUM!


Mid-morning snack was the fruit-free Muesli bar I received in my race packet from Gasparilla this weekend. I really enjoyed the light, unique taste but it was seriously chewy! I think I would eat this bar again, but I’ve never seen it anywhere before!


Lunch today was the best thing I could scrounge up at work since I didn’t have any Amy’s Burritos to hold me over. I made up some Spinach & Ricotta mini raviolis and topped it with a small bit of Classico’s Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto.

IMG_0581.JPG   IMG_0582.JPG


I also had a yummy orange on the side. I found this in the fridge and I am totally keeping my oranges in the fridge from now on. They’re so much better cold! Mmmmm….


Mid-Afternoon snack took inspiration from the girls’ snack. Whenever they have mini bagels and cream cheese, I have a really hard time resisting! They’re just too good! This is a mini WW bagel topped with whipped cream cheese. Deliciousssss.


I tried a ginger chew last night before bed and also this afternoon when I started feeling some discomfort in my tummy. I’m not sure how well they work yet, but they are DELICIOUS and I would even eat them for dessert! They remind me a bit of a Red Hot candy. Very spicy, yet sweet.


Dinner was at my teaching partner’s house. She warmed up some homemade mac ‘n cheese and also cooked some chicken that had marinated in Italian Dressing. This is not my normal kind of food but I thoroughly enjoyed it!


We also had some TCBY for dessert that her roommate picked up for us. I got some version of blueberry fro-yo 🙂 It was good and I was so in the mood for dessert!


Okay, I think that’s it! Nothing overly interesting today other than that I started my job at teaching swimming again! I have been on a break since right before Thanksgiving (too cold outside and not enough swimmers sign up in the winter) and it was fantastic. I love me some extra $$ flow!


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