Hi beautiful people! I’m safely back in Gainesville after spending my weekend in Tampa running the Gasparilla 5K, hanging out with my friend Callyn, and meeting up with some fellow bloggers for lunch today at Datz Deli!

Are you ready for a loaded post???

I mentioned in last night’s post that I went to Greenwise yesterday after my race. Here are the items I picked up: Ginger Chews (heard great things about these), Living Harvest Vanilla Hemp Milk (VeggieGirl!), and Organic Oatmeal Honey Bread that is made by Jenna and has recently made appearances on Meghann and Courtney’s blogs.


I also picked up a Strawberry Kombucha which I enjoyed with half (split with Callyn) of one of the HUGE pretzels from the Greenwise bakery, dipped in some yummy Tomato Herb soup. I was VERY impressed with everything this store had to offer. I can’t wait to go back!

IMG_0543.JPG IMG_0546.JPG


Last night ended up being pretty low key. We all decided to stay in since we were very tired from being up early yesterday morning for my race. We watched The Duchess (loved it!) and called it a night. Thank you again Callyn and Justin for sacrificing your morning to sleep in to support me during my race! Here they are having fun with my camera while waiting for me to cross the finish line, haha:


The stampede ready and roaring to go…I’m WAY back there!


See me (on the right, grey tank and black shorts)?


This morning I slept until a glorious 9:45 AM and started packing and getting ready for the blogger’s lunch meet-up which was about a half hour drive from Callyn’s house. My first impression of Datz Deli was how cute and colorful it was! Everything had an awesome orange theme that just lifted your spirits a little! They had lots of beer and wine selections, but I decided to forgo any alcohol as I was driving back to Gainesville after the lunch.

Our group of 10 sat in their loft-style dining room upstairs. Soon after settling into our table, a woman came to our table and asked “Are there any monkey’s here?” Ha! She was holding a plate of monkey bread. We were all confused by the complimentary item she set on our table but when we realized what it was, everyone was just staring in awe. This thing was massive! I had two pieces…Yummmmy gooiness! This is when the serious camera flashes began…



These two crack me up!


We ordered our lunches and while we were waiting, we were served some complimentary bubbly (LOVE being a food blogger!). It was free and I couldn’t turn it down 🙂 I drank about half of this glass. Delicious!


For lunch I ordered Jack’s ‘Shrooms omelet without the ‘shrooms, haha. Here’s the menu description:

Picture 6

I substituted with egg whites and ate all of this except for about 3/4 of the potatoes. They were good, but I went for the less-dense stuff first!


All in all this was a wonderful lunch with wonderful people! I seriously love blogger meet-ups and I wish we all lived even closer and could make this a regular thing! Even so, I’m hoping to do it again really soon!


Left to right (picture borrowed from Caitlin): Courtney, Meghann, Caitlin, Jenna, Maddy, Ashley, Me, and Jenna’s friend Jenny. Apparently I can’t really open my eyes in photos but everyone else looks fabulous! 😀 Ashley’s boyfriend, David, and Meghann’s friend, Derek, were also there, but they were our photographers!

When I made it home to Gainesville, I knew I needed to make some dinner but I really wasn’t that hungry yet! I was ravenous yesterday after my race and ate everything in sight, but today my appetite has been blah. I went for a simple, small, butter-less grilled cheese and spinach sandwich with half of a can of Amy’s Cream of Tomato soup. I also sliced up a gigantic organic Granny Smith apple for the side. I’m very full and this was just the simple dinner that I needed after a long weekend.



For dessert, I had two pieces of the Rapunzel Dark Chocolate that I love!


Now I leave you with a picture that comes special request from Caitlin who really wanted to see the damage I did to my knee yesterday. Apparently I’m hardcore for getting up and running 2 more miles with a bleeding knee. Honestly, I didn’t know what else to do but to keep running and finish! Also, I didn’t start feeling the pain really bad until I stopped running and the adrenaline went away and the sweat started stinging. Today my knee is some nice shades of black, blue, and red!


Goodnight all!