Yesterday morning I was tagged by the lovely Ashley at Daily Goods to complete the 25 Random Things About Me blurb! I’ve been tagged in this a million times on Facebook but I feel more motivated to complete it on my blog πŸ™‚

25 Random Things

1. I was born in New Bern, North Carolina then moved to Glenmont, NY when I was five. When I was ten we moved to Sarasota, FL. When I turned 15 I was convinced we were going to move somewhere again (5, 10, 15…get it?)

2. I love all things miniature. I used to collect miniature china animals!

3. I was a pretty chubby kid until I was about 11 years old.

4. I wanted glasses so bad when I was little that I used to stare at the sun and read in the dark to try and make my eyes “go bad”. Haha! I didn’t actually get glasses until I was 10 and my eyesight has actually improved since then.

5. I was allergic to tomatoes as a baby, and the couple of adverse reactions I had to it led to problems with my eardrums and so I had to have tubes put in my ears twice. I’ve worn earplugs in the water since I was 9 months old and water in my ears feels extremely unnatural to me.

6. I started swimming competitively when I was 7 years old, but had to take a break to have 2 skin graphs done on my left eardrum (this was after the tubes!). I started swimming again when I was 10 and didn’t officially “retire” until I was 18. I did take a year off to row though!

7. I really miss rowing and being out on the water in a boat. There’s no other feeling like it when you’re out for an early morning row and the water is crisp and flat. Amazing!

8. When I was in high school I really enjoyed going to Habitat for Humanity and working on the roofs of houses doing shingling and laying tar paper. So fun!

9. There is an 8 year age difference between me and my little brother and I truly cannot believe he’s going to be going to high school next year! I remember the day he came home from the hospital!

10. I have two dogs at home named Cole and Chester. Cole is a Bearded Collie and Chester is an Airedale Terrier.

11. I have an obsession with all things Apple. I love technology and I think Apple Computers are amazing!

12. I’m told that I’m an intimidating person. I find that odd because I’m actually quite shy around people I’ve never met before or in large groups. Maybe my quietness is taken for a snooty attitude? I don’t know…it’s something I’m working on.

13. My parents are both really young. My mom is turning 42 soon and my dad is 45. I’ve really enjoyed growing up with young parents who “get” my generation!

14. In 2006 I got an outstanding opportunity to start volunteering for Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership. It’s been a huge part of my life since then and I’ve been able to travel to Oklahoma, Ohio, Washington, DC (3 times…4, this summer), and hopefully to Kentucky also this summer! I’ve always held a volunteer publishing position and last year was promoted to being a director! Any HOBY Alumni out there reading???

15. Graphic design is a huge hobby of mine and I do some freelance work here and there (mostly over the summer).

16. Even though I live in Florida and grew up 15 minutes from an amazing beach, I’m not really a beach person. I don’t enjoy getting all sticky with sand and salt water then spending the afternoon slathering in aloe because I got burnt despite the SPF 50 I put all over my body. It’s fun every once in awhile, but definitely not a regular thing for me.

17. Along the same lines as #16, I’m not really a lounge in the pool person either. Blame it on the years and years of swimming laps back and forth in a pool. I just can’t relax!

18. However, I do love teaching swimming lessons to little kids! I have a part-time, seasonal job here in Gainesville that allows me to do just that!

19. I’ve mentioned this before in my blog but the cleanliness of my room, house, and car is totally indicative of the amount of stress I am under.

20. I love Gainesville, but I am really, truly ready to get out of this small college town and be closer to a bigger city like Tampa or Orlando.

21. My boyfriend Evan and I are two days apart in birthdays! So were his grandparents!

22. My mom is a cosmetologist so I’ve enjoyed free haircuts and highlights for most of my life. Amazing!!

23. I used to be obsessed with writing down my favorite lyrics and quotes that inspired and moved me. I kept them in a little diary book and I still bring it out once in awhile to be inspired and moved!

24. I’ve babysat 4 different sets of twins! I guess when you’re not afraid of two kids the same age, word gets around fast.

25. I really believe in not settling for anything less than you deserve.

Whew! That was difficult. I’m not going to tag anyone else for this because I think most people have done it already, but if you haven’t and want to, go for it! πŸ˜€

I was also tagged by another lovely blogger, Bec at Live Love Peanut Butter for the Kreativ Blogger award! Thanks so much for thinking of my Bec!

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Okay, I have to get back to packing and getting ready to leave for my trip to Tampa this weekend! I’m running the Gasparilla 5K, hanging out with one of my bests, Callyn, and meeting up with some amazing bloggers for lunch on Sunday! Yay!

Catch ya later!

PS. Despite the fact that my training schedule called for a 2 mile run today, I took the day off as my legs are still a little sore from Tuesday’s run. I wanted to give my body lots of resting time for Saturday!