Hello! I hope everyone had a terrific Tuesday! Mine has definitely been busy, but overall great! I’m physically fatigued at the moment and cannot wait to crash in my bed for a long night of sleep.

Breakfast today was rushed (as usual, it seems) and I really didn’t have a second to grab my camera and take a picture. I had some Newman’s Honey Flax Flakes in a to-go bag with a cup of OJ.

Mid-Morning snack was a Gingersnap Larabar and a small banana.

Lunch was a proper breakfast! I made Sesame Ezekial French toast with maple syrup to dip and an organic apple. I also mixed up the last of my Bolthouse Green Goodness and Carrot Juice. Looks yucky but it was good! Yummmm…..



Mid-Afternoon Snack was four large spoonfuls of Vanilla Chobani topped with Pumpkin Spice Granola, dried apricots and cinnamon.


I snacked on a small Snickerdoodle and Chocolate Chip cookie that my classmates brought to class tonight. They were great! (cell phone photo)

For dinner I gave tofu another go. This time I tried the Pan-Glazed Tofu recipe I found on Andrea’s blog. I followed the directions but substituted the ginger with paprika and nutmeg and the crushed red pepper with chili powder. It was SO SO SO good! I served it over a bed of organic spinach. I also had 1/2 of a very large sweet potato sprinkled with brown sugar.







This afternoon I went for a 3 mile run after my internship. I wanted to practice maintaining a pace under 10 minutes per mile, so that’s what I did! My final time was 28:21 which is about a 9:27 pace. My legs felt fantastic during this run and were ready to go way under 9 minutes, but my heart and lungs were not up for the challenge. I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night so maybe my 2 mile run on Thursday will be even faster after some sleep šŸ™‚

After my run, I had a phone interview with a girl named Sara who is writing a piece for InSite Magazine on healthy blogging. She’ll be coming over sometime next week to follow me making a meal and take some pictures I think. I’m excited! I love sharing my blogging experiences with other people! I’ll keep you updated! Sara also interviewed Courtney today!

Okay, it’s time for some serious snooze time! I can’t keep my eyes open!

Goodnight šŸ™‚