It’s about midnight and I’m running around my house trying to be productive while I wait for Evan to come over after his friend’s 21st birthday party that’s going on at the next neighborhood down from me. I really wasn’t up for the partying thing tonight, so I’m just here waiting to go to bed 🙂

On our date night yesterday we went to Outback and I got a very delicious dinner! I dug into their fantastic pumpernickel bread as soon as it came to the table because I was ravenous!


For my entree, I had the Outback Griller with Chicken and Shrimp. YUM! I loved having some meat, some seafood, some rice, some grilled veggies, AND some grilled pineapples lining my plate. SO well rounded, wouldn’t you say? I probably don’t have to tell you that I ate all of it and was very satisfied at the end. Mmmm, I want to go back!


I slept in pretty late this morning. I had a lot of nights with 5-6 hours of sleep last week and I definitely needed some catching up. After going to bed at midnight, I tried to get up at 9 AM with my alarm but couldn’t, so then I tried 10 AM and still felt exhausted then. I finally rose at 11 AM feeling refreshed! 11 hours of sleep did it for me…whew!

Evan made some breakfast cookies last night so I had one of those around noon. It was so good! I don’t know if I can list everything he put it in but I know there were some oats (obviously), PB, honey, protein, wheat germ, almonds, and walnuts packed into this delicious goodie! We’re convinced this is the perfect breakfast food, but needed some dried fruit in it 🙂 Gina, you’re a genius!


Around 3, we ventured over to Mother Earth Market where I had met up with Courtney earlier in the week. Evan had never been there and I wanted to show him around. Side note: I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this, but Evan is as much or MORE of a foodie than I am and I think he should really have his own blog, because he has a lot to say and advice to give about food…what do you guys think? Maybe I’ll have him do a guest post or something in the future?

We found a lot of yummy stuff (mostly good deals on produce) and I broke down and bought another Kombucha, this time a strawberry one. We were both pretty hunger by the time we left and decided on an early dinner next door at Book Lover’s Cafe (also where Courtney and I had lunch on Wednesday).

You know when you go somewhere with someone else and all you can think about is how much your significant other or best friend or sibling or parent would love it? I just had to share these awesome finds with Evan, knowing he’d appreciate them equally as much as I do. I got the Chimichurri again, this time with a side salad, and Evan got the Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto sandwich. Both were very good, but we agreed that the Chimichurri was better because it was warm and cheesy 🙂

My Chimichurri


Evan’s Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto sandwich


We also split the Strawberry Kombucha we picked up next door. It was probably my favorite flavor I’ve tried! Evan’s review? He loved it! Yummm….It was the star of the next two photos 😀



I came home and caught up on reading some of your blogs! Later I decided to make another Green with Envy smoothie before heading to the gym (really late…8:30 PM!) This one had a over-ripened banana, a handful of spinach, 1/2 cup Bolthouse Green Goodness, and 1/2 cup Oat Milk.





I learned a new trick for using a mason jar as your blender container to drink your smoothie in later (like a Magic Bullet). It worked like a charm! I’m going to use this method for grinding flax seed too! Does anyone else do this? I thought it was genius! You can also use the sealed lid to pop it in the fridge and finish your smoothie later!



Today was a 50 minute cross-training day in my 10K Training Plan. I started getting a wicked headache around 6 PM and decided that walking was the only thing I felt like doing tonight. So I walked for 50 minutes at various speeds and inclines. I got quite the quad workout and it didn’t irritate my head too much! My stomach was pretty hungry when I got back, though!

I decided to make a quick grilled cheese on the panini press using Ezekial Sesame bread, 50% reduced fat Cabot sharp cheddar and baby spinach. Seriously, Ezekial bread makes THE best grilled cheeses! Delicious…


I had two squares of Rapunzel chocolate I picked up at Mother Earth this afternoon. It’s 70% cacao (MUCH better than the 88% I had the other night) and it’s organic. I loved this chocolate because it undergoes a process that takes out some of the bitterness and leaves it with a very smooth taste. Yum!


Wow, what a full day of wonderful food! Look out tomorrow for a yummy, homestyle breakfast I have planned for after my 4.5 mile run! Tomorrow will be the last time I try out my new shoes on the treadmill. If all goes well and nothing hurts too much I’ll break them in with some outdoor runs next week! Yes!

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway to win some Jogger’s Pepper Spray! So far I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s reasons for needing this safety item. I’ve also enjoyed seeing some new faces around my blog lately! I hope you stick around 🙂

Goodnight everyone!