Whew! I just had a fantastic dinner and my tummy is bursting with wonderful food! Yum! Before I divulge the details, let me back up to my morning.

I woke up around 9:30 AM and grabbed an Apple Pie Z Bar before heading for the gym.


I was on a mission to complete the longest run of my training thus far (4.5 miles) and I wanted to do it before my planned homestyle breakfast. When I was pulling out of my complex I noticed a police car stationed at the entrance and cones lining the road. I thought it was weird but proceeded to pull out of my neighborhood. To my surprise (and delight) the road was lined with cones for runners! I saw a few of them running down my road with their bibs on and I got excited! There was even a refueling station right next door to my house! I wondered what race they were running for…

Then I pulled onto campus and the street the gym’s off of was blocked by police cars! I figured this had something to do with the run that was happening on my street, but still wondered what the big hoopla was all for. As I was detouring and trying to find a place to park (which ended up being like a quarter mile away), I heard someone come on the radio and say it was the Five Points of Life Marathon ! I got really excited for those runners and secretly wished I was running that race! In due time… Regardless, watching these runners was pure motivation for me to complete my 4.5 miles! Oh, and guess what?! No pain in my knees! Thank goodness for wonderful shoes! I can finally run outside again 😀

I guess I came across the FIve Points of Life 5K race that would have been yesterday in my race searches, but decided against it because Gasparilla is next weekend!

I came home and Evan and I got to making our breakfast of: homefries, cheesy eggs, and Ezekial toast. It was a well-deserved treat after my run kicked my butt! Evan helped with the onions and eggs while I did the potatoes and toast!


With Orange Juice on the side:


Evan took pictures of me in action and I got embarrassed 🙂



Since breakfast wasn’t until about noon, I didn’t get very hungry again until around 6:30 PM. I decided to make an Amy’s California Veggie Burger (vegan!) and butternut squash fries. Oh my goodness. I will never eat regular french fries again. These were AMAZING! And the burger (topped with Cabot Reduced Fat Sharp Cheddar and organic baby spinach on a WW Arnold’s thin) was FANTASTIC too!



I had these two pieces of Rapunzel Organic 70% Cacao chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth.


Yum! Now I am officially FULL TO THE BRIM and ready to crawl in bed! This weekend went by TOO fast.

You still have almost 3 hours to enter the Jogger’s Pepper Spray giveaway ! I can’t wait to choose the winners tomorrow afternoon!