Hi bloggies!

This morning’s breakfast was really on-the-go for me. I had Newman’s Honey Flax Flakes in a sandwich bag with a side of a Clif Nectar bar (tasted like a brownie, by the way). No milk, just dry cereal. This was fine because this cereal tastes great like that, but I wasn’t really feeling like I’d had a proper breakfast my body deserved this morning.


Naturally for dinner I was craving warm, breakfast food! I thought about oatmeal, but wanted more protein, so I went with cheesy eggs and toast. I really wanted to have my new Ezekial bread and to try my new pumpkin butter, so I did that too. Overall it was a wonderful, breakfasty success–all before 7:30 PM! LOVE early dinners.

I had a one egg + one egg white, cheddar cheese omelet with two slices of toasted Sesame Ezekial bread (one slice with Earth Balance, the other with Pumpkin Butter). Courtney, the PB was DELICIOUS and perfect! Thanks for the rec : )


And for something green, a coffee cup full of Bolthouse Green Goodness. YUM!


Dessert was a square of the 88% Cacao Dark Chocolate I picked up for Evan this afternoon (I hope he doesn’t mind sharing…hehe). Don’t worry Evan, I don’t think I’ll be eating any more of this. It was super bitter. I think I need to drop down to 70/75%. However, I just love the tree design on the chocolate. That’s something I think I would design. Cute!!


It reminds me of this mug I’ve been eyeing at Starbucks but haven’t brought myself to buy…

Picture 3

As mentioned in my lunch post, I set out this afternoon for the Farmers’ Market and the gym to test out my shoes. The FM was a really quick stop and you wouldn’t believe the deal I got! I found a table that had organic kale but it was the last one. I asked the guy if he had any more and he said no, but that he’d sell me that last bunch for $1 instead of $2. Then as I was pulling out my money he threw in fresh cilantro as well! Organic kale and cilantro for $1…crazy!


Then I was off to the gym for my new shoe testing. First of all, traffic was insane and it took me an eternity to get there. Second, STOMP was playing across the street from the gym at the theatre and the parking lot was closed! I circled around a small lot in front of the gym for about 10 minutes and finally got a spot. I went inside and it was packed in there too! I signed up for a treadmill but by the time the girl who had been on it finished her warm down and cleaned it off I only had 25 minutes to use up. Regardless, I decided to make the best of it and started running.

My shoes definitely felt different but in a totally wonderful way. There’s so much support and padding in them that I am really loving. My legs and feet were ready to go but the rest of my body just wasn’t on board. You know how sometimes running even 2 miles can feel like a marathon? Tonight was that night for me. I felt like I had a rock in my stomach the entire time and only managed 2 miles instead of the planned 3. I never want running to feel like torture so I made the decision to cut it short. In addition to that my half hour I’d signed up for ended way before I would have ever finished the 3 miles, so it worked out okay. At least I got something in, right?

The rest of the night was spent wrapping up some freelance graphic work I’m doing for a non-profit and typing up a reflection of the lesson I taught yesterday. Not too bad!

Hope you all have a wonderful evening. It’s bed time for this girl!

‘Night 😀