Good evening! Thanks for your comments on last night’s post, especially about my running shoe situation. Keep ’em coming! My ankle/foot feels pretty good today! I’ve barely noticed any lingering pain so I should be able to run tomorrow…yay! I’m going to give my shoes another shot tomorrow and if I’m still not feeling it I’m thinking about heading over to Lloyd Clarke Sports on Wednesday or Friday to take care of this situation. Ugh, I really don’t want to buy new shoes, but I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet sooner or later. At least they have a $5 off coupon on their website!

I feel like I was pretty productive today! I woke up at 7:30 AM and had this lovely bowl of Newman’s Own Sweet Enough Honey Flax Flakes (to be referred to as Newman’s Honey Flax Flakes from now on because the former is WAY too long!) with a whole sliced banana. I am IN LOVE with this cereal and could eat it by the box if I didn’t have an ounce of self-control. I cannot wait to try the other varieties they have of this new cereal!



I used Oat Milk in my cereal this morning made by Pacific Foods. I’ve never had Oat Milk and thought it tasted great! I’m trying to mix up my milks all of the time to keep from getting to stagnant and stuck on one!


I started working on my midterm by 8 AM and it took me a good 3 hours to finish it. It was hard, but not too bad so hopefully I’ll pass it. (I have serious senioritis and all I want to do is pass the class so I can just graduate already!) It’s forestry and it has nothing to do with my major. Enough said. Edited to add: Just checked my grade and I GOT A 92.01%! Sweet deal πŸ˜€

I went to work at noon and since the twins slept for over three hours (that NEVER happens!), I was able to catch up and comment on all of your lovely blogs. Hopefully you started seeing some comments from me! I also worked on one of my current freelance graphic design projects…fun, fun! Lunch was an Amy’s Non-Dairy Burrito:


Around 3 PM I was starving, so I went for a Strawberry Chobani:


Around 5:30 PM I was starving again so I had a pre-yoga snack of a glass of Bolthouse Green Goodness and a toasted Arnold’s Thin topped with Dark Chocolate PB and Earth Balance.


Tonight was another great yoga class! We did a lot of standing poses and I was definitely feeling great at the end. I seriously LOVE doing this class with Evan. Yay!

Post-yoga meal was a flat-out burrito stuffed with sweet potato, half of a leftover chicken sausage, goat cheese, and banana peppers. I also had some leftover Annie’s Cheese and Shells!


Evan got creative with his wrap and overstuffed it and had to make a pressed quesadilla instead! His had sweet potato, black beans, quinoa, cheddar cheese, and the other half of the leftover chicken sausage. After it grilled (and after this pic) he topped it with EVOO, and sections of Annie’s BBQ sauce, ketchup and Italian dressing. Haha! Such a boy creation πŸ˜€


And we shared this plate of leftover Kale chips:


We both had small bowls of Edy’s Slow-Churned Praline Crunch Frozen Yogurt for dessert. Got to use my cute spoons more, too!


Alright, I think that’s it for now! Look out tomorrow for a post on MSG…yucky stuff! While you’re waiting, check out the fun stuff below! Goodnight all πŸ˜€

Blogger Giveaways:

I totally forgot to tell you yesterday that I was one of Bobbi’s from N Her Shoes’ Naturally Nutty Giveaway winners on Thursday!!! I am SO SO excited to get this yummy stuff in the mail…I’ll have a serious stock of nut butters by then! Yay! Thanks again Bobbi!