Do you ever feel like when you take a day off from exercising you haven’t been active for a week? Even though I ran on Sunday and did yoga on Monday, I felt like I hadn’t done anything in ages before heading to the stadium this afternoon! What’s up with that?

I completed a good mix of running and stadiums to fulfill my cross-training that was scheduled for today. I ran about 1.1 miles, walked 0.3 and mixed that up with going up and down 90 rows, three times. This made for some very jello-ish legs and some difficult running afterward! My heart was definitely pounding pretty hard by the end and I’m sure my legs will be super sore tomorrow for my 2 mile run and strength training!

Today’s Eats

Breakfast: I was running really late after sleeping in (9 hours last night, woo!!), so I grabbed a mix of yogurt, granola, pineapple and strawberries in class, so no picture. It was delish though!

Mid-Morning Snack: A Lemon Bar Larabar! I think this is officially my new flavor of Larabars. It was soooo yummy. I love lemon and it was perfect!


Lunch: I tried to be creative today with my new bag of 365 Brand Organic Quinoa. I’ve never had (or cooked) quinoa before so this was definitely stepping out of the box. I topped it with a mixture of black beans, garlic, banana peppers, nutritional yeast, salt, pepper, and cumin, and had half of a WW Tandori Naan on the side, but it was still kind of bland. I liked how light it tasted, though! Does anyone have any quinoa suggestions that would give a little more flavor?




Post-Workout fuel: I split a Apple Cinnamon Z Bar with Evan after our workout at the stadium


Dinner: Very low-key and simple…Amy’s Non-Dairy Burrito topped with three slices of Extra Sharp Cabot Cheddar Cheese. I also added a spoonful of salsa after this picture. Yum!

Dessert: PEPPERMINT CHEESECAKE BROWNIES! This was my test batch of the brownies before making them tomorrow for the lucky bidder. I definitely think they were a success! Evan didn’t think they were rich enough, but I think that’s the point? They were perfectly sweetened and light for me, without the overwhelming richness that some brownies give off. Yummm…OH and the peppermint flavor was EXCELLENT! Just my kind of dessert 🙂 Meghann , you would love these I think! I kept imagining them over the Peppermint Ice Cream! Maybe I’ll bring some for post-Gasparilla reward treats!



Post Bake




That’s it from me tonight! I’m heading to bed early again for hopefully 8 hours of sleep! Tomorrow is Thursday…getting really close to the weekend again, yes!!!


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