Hi! I’ve missed you all! What a weekend and Monday I’ve had though…let me go back to Saturday

I left Gainesville around 3 PM and headed to Tampa to visit Callyn, go to dinner, and see He’s Just Not That Into You. Let me preface my movie review by saying you must read this book! It’s HILARIOUS and just so, so true in all of its advice. Plus it’s a quick, easy read. I’ve read it twice! The movie was fantastic. I think I got a lot more out of it having read (and worshipped) the book (in my single days), but it’s definitely a classic, funny chick flick that I think every self-respecting girl can take something away from πŸ™‚ Callyn and I had a great time catching up and talking about life! She’s awesome and I can’t wait to see her again during the Gasparilla race weekend!

For dinner, we decided on the classic Olive Garden. I had the salad and breadsticks (of course!) and the Capellini Pomodoro which is “Roma tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil and extra-virgin olive oil tossed with capellini.” It was DELICIOUS! Not only was it one of the simplest items on the menu (no cheese), it was only $9.95 and I got salad, breadsticks, and leftovers! What more could you ask for? I also had one of their complimentary samplings of red wine (a Pinot Noir).




On Sunday, I woke up at 9 AM (after going to bed at 2:30 AM Saturday night) and headed to the USF campus for my scheduled 3.8 mile run. I finished in about 39 minutes, so it was a light, easy pace. I enjoyed the somewhat familiar scenes around the campus but it was definitely enjoyable to run some place new! I came back, showered, and started getting ready to depart for Orlando! I had my leftover Capellini for lunch.

My first stop in Orlando was the Millenia Mall. I’ve seen these awesome condiment spoons on Caitlin and Angela’s blogs from Crate and Barrel and when I saw how great of a price they were, I couldn’t pass them up (the white ones were $0.95!) I grabbed 2 greens, 2 blues, and 2 whites. I go through spoons like crazy, so these will be the perfect supplement! I’m excited to use them in my oatmeal and for eating ice cream and stuff! I also picked up a birthday present for my friend Liz at the mall (hooray for not procrastinating…I’m 2 weeks ahead on that one!).


When I finished at the mall I headed over to Whole Foods for some awesome grocery shopping. Though it was somewhat rushed, I got everything I needed and also picked up a few items for Evan. I’m sure you’ll be seeing all of my goodies over the next couple of weeks!


Then I was off to Altimonte Springs for Meghann’s birthday dinner at Seasons 52 ! I’ll admit I was definitely nervous (not uncommon for me in large groups of unknown people), but everyone was so nice and by the end of the dinner, I felt very comfortable. I got to meet Caitlin and her Husband, Meghann and some of her friends, Lindsey’s hubs, Ross, and got to see Lindsey again after almost 4 years! Everyone was so so nice, gracious and welcoming toward me!

For dinner I had the Asiago Chicken Salad (I LOVE asiago cheese!). I had a really hard time deciding (and focusing on the menu!), but this one was a winner.


There was a whole lot to choose from for dessert, but I went with the Key Lime Pie and Red Velvet Cake shot glasses. Both were amazing, but I liked the Key Lime Pie better! Yummmm…. Here’s Meghann with the choices!



DSC_3408.JPG DSC_3409.JPG

Here’s the lovely group!!


I left the restaurant around 8 PM and headed back to Gainesville. Once I got on the turnpike I realized I needed gas, so I got off at an exit somewhere along the way. I was feeling a little rushed and accidentally got back on the turnpike heading the wrong direction (south) and it took me about a half hour to get completely turned back around in the correct direction (north). Plus I had to pay some awesome tolls fees for going on and off the turnpike, onto another road, off of that road, then back onto the turnpike. Haha, oh well, I made it home around 10:45 PM safe and sound (all that matters, right?).

I got to bed around midnight and was up around 6:15 this morning for a full day of internship, work, and then tonight: Beginners Yoga, Class 1!!! I haven’t told you about this class yet, but basically it’s three Mondays of introduction to yoga and the poses. I’ve taken the class before and I love learning the correct ways to do everything with the help of an instructor. The best part: Evan is taking it with me as my Valentine’s gift. I loved having him there tonight and being able to talk about it afterward! Thanks for going honey! The class is perfect with my training schedule (notice that Mondays have switched to Stretch and Strengthen days). Hopefully I’ll be able to get my run in tomorrow (I’ll get to that later in this post).

Without further ado, today’s (somewhat boring and maybe not enough calories) eats:


Organic Braeburn Apple


Dipped in new my new PB&Co Cinnamon Swirl!


Mid-Morning Snack

Clif Nectar Apple Cinnamon (tasted JUST like a Larabar!)



(excuse the picture) I scrounged for something at work because I was out of my regular Amy’s Non-Dairy Burritos. I came up with some 2% cheddar cheese slices and a Morningstar Corn Dog with ketchup…not very exciting, but it will do!


Mid-Afternoon Snack

I needed some serious calories, so I picked one of these up after work: Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness. Check out the nutrition stats on the side of the bottle :D! It was so, so good! Apparently there was broccoli and spinach in there, too!




Amy’s Low-Fat Split Pea soup. I picked this up 2/$4 at WF yesterday and thought it was DELICIOUS! I ate the whole can with some Kashi TLC Toasted Asiago crackers on the side (these are new and they are great!) I also snacked on a little Garlic Sabra Hummus that Evan was eating πŸ˜›




Half of a Choxie bar (split with Evan)


Tomorrow I have internship (FCAT writing proctoring….fun fun!) then a hair appointment at noon! My mom is a cosmetologist so I NEVER get my hair done at a salon…ever! I consider myself very lucky in that department, as I’ve only had my hair highlighted and cut once by someone else in my entire life. I know I’ve saved A LOT of money over that amount of time! However (and unfortunately), I will not get to see my mom until after spring break probably (mid-march), and my bangs are in my eyes so I’m having to swoop them to the side. I don’t mind, but I prefer the full on bang look. Plus I’m having major split-ends, so it’s time to go do something about it! I’m excited, but also a little nervous/anxious about having someone else doing my hair. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Having my hair done is going to leave very little time for a run during my break tomorrow, especially since I’m working after class tomorrow night too. If I don’t get to go, I’ll just have to suck it up and move on without it. What’s one day, right? I’ll be right back into the swing of things on Wednesday.

It’s wayyyy past my bedtime again so I need to get going! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and great start to the new week!!

Don’t forget to bid on my Peppermint Cheesecake Brownies! They are up to $50!!!!!!!!! Do I hear $75?!