I must have jinxed myself last night saying that I might not get the full-blown effect of this cold, because this morning I woke up and BAM! was hit by the realization that a) I couldn’t breathe, b) my throat was on fire, and c) my head was full of pressure! Ewwww.

So I’ve been trying to take it easy today while attempting for fulfill my Sunday responsibilities. Luckily the grocery store was taken care of yesterday morning so I just had to hit up Target for my weekly supply of Amy’s Burritos today and some cold medicine. I was hoping that some meds would make me feel well enough for an attempted 3.5 mile run, but that hasn’t been the case whatsoever. I’m feeling worse and worse as the pressure in my head builds and I can’t stop sneezing. I made the decision to skip my most important (in my mind) workout of the week and attempt it tomorrow in replacement of the 2.5 mile run I’m scheduled to do. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll do yoga tomorrow and try for the run on Tuesday. I just want to be over this nastiness and get back to normal! This has been the most complicated start to my first week of 10K Training! Oh well…

You can imagine that my eating hasn’t been normal today either. I slept until 11 AM (guess I was tired and trying to recuperate my health) and didn’t eat anything until nearly 1 PM. So for this breakfast/lunch combination I dug into the comfort food and had one leftover serving of biscuits and gravy from yesterday. I had this with a side of fruit salad that included pineapple, grapes, blackberries, and strawberries. YUM!



I cut up a whole pineapple I purchased yesterday. I did slices for snacks (left side) and small bite-size pieces for yogurt and cereal toppings (right side). I love pineapple so much!


Later on I had a small dallop of Sabra’s Red Roasted Pepper Hummus (I ate about half of what’s picture here) and a few of Mary’s Gone Herb Crackers. I reallllly enjoyed this combination! These crackers are AMAZING.


Dinner was a very simple, small meal because I wasn’t feeling hungry at all. I recently discovered that bananas and walnuts have melatonin in them, so I went for that combination so I could get to sleep easier tonight. I made an open-faced almond butter and Dark Chocolate Dreams PB sandwich on an Arnold’s Thin, topped with a whole sliced banana and a few walnuts. I also had a Sleepytime cup of tea by Celestial Seasonings to seal the sleepy deal.



Now it’s almost 8 PM and I’m getting to bed very soon! I want to give myself a very good night of rest because tomorrow is a LONG one! Plus I’m teaching my first mentor-observed lesson with my teaching partner! Wish me luck! Sweet dreams everyone πŸ˜€

P.S. I updated yesterday’s post with some pictures! Check ’em out πŸ˜€

P.P.S. I forgot to give credit where it is due when I first started using my new signature. I got the idea from the amazing Mrs. LC . If you haven’t checked out her blog already, head on over! You’ll find lots of posts on food, fun, fitness, and frugality!