Hi all! If you’ve been following my blog for awhile you’ll notice that I don’t usually do much blogging on the weekends, because I’m not really home all that much. Point in case: I’m currently babysitting and was busy all day…not much of the regular schedule where blogging is always penciled in 🙂

Even though I’m not home, I do have internet access and the kiddies are sleeping, so I figured I’d give you something to read! However I do not have my camera (the good one I take most of my pics with is big and heavy…too much for toting around all of the time), so this is going to be all text 🙂 As I’ve done previously, I’ll update it tomorrow with the pictures I do have. Are you ready to read? I hope so!

This morning I woke up early (for me) on a Saturday: 8 AM! I was a little excited about this because I honestly can’t remember the last time I “slept in” (i.e. no alarm clock) and woke up early enough to really chase some daylight…and I was SORE from yesterday’s strength training! Evan was still passed out so I snuck out to the grocery store and the gym where I did my 40-minute cross training on the elliptical. I varied resistances and inclines for a heart pounding, sweat inducing, amazing workout! I don’t normally get to do any of my workouts in the morning so this was a FABULOUS way to start out my day. For breakfast, I had my heart set on trying out something Evan and I had discussed attempting last weekend: healthified biscuits and gravy! This is one of my all time, favorite breakfasts foods but it’s normally SO bad for you and often full of PHO‘s. The Hearty Oat Biscuits I made last week really inspired this one. I made a second batch of those (minus the cheddar cheese this time for breakfast) and got working on the creative alternative gravy.


I added 2 cups of cold water to a packet of McCormick Country Style Gravy mix. This was the ONLY one that my grocery store carried without any PHO’s. In all of the others, PHO was the first or second ingredient! Crazy. I let that come to a boil (as per directions) while I baked 6 Morningstar Breakfast Sausage Patties in the oven for 12 minutes at 350 degrees. When the gravy thickened and the patties were done, I shredded the patties into a ground sausage texture (just slicing with a knife or tearing them apart with hands will do the trick) and added them to the gravy mix. EASY! I served the vegetarian sausage gravy over the biscuits and it was DELICIOUS! I could tell a difference in the biscuits (they aren’t the white, fluffy, buttery kind you get at restaurants), BUT I felt much better eating them and they’re still delicious. However, the gravy tasted better to me than any other gravy I’ve had before! Go Morningstar and McCormick! I also made a fruit salad of red grapes, strawberries, and blackberries to go with the biscuits ‘n gravy.

DSC_3204.JPG DSC_3200.JPG




While I was at Publix this morning (another different one from my usual), I made another HUGE discovery! PB & Co’s Dark Chocolate Dreams! Yessss! I’ve been dreaming about this PB since I first saw it on your foodie blogs months ago! Before I left for babysitting I just had to have a spoonful taste test. The verdict: worth the wait! It’s such a unique spin on the usual PB…I can’t wait to have it on bananas, toasted Arnold’s Thins (which I found more of today, btw), apples, and more! What kinds of things do you put your flavored PB on? Or do you just eat it straight up like I did today?


Tonight’s dinner was a Publix Sub with Boars Head Turkey, provolone cheese, lettuce, black pepper, and banana peppers. I skipped the reduced-fat mayo for the first time ever and I have to admit, didn’t miss it one bit! All of this was on their multi-grain sub roll. I didn’t catch a picture though (remember the no camera thing?) You can use your amazing imaginations, right? Dessert was 3 small squares of Dove Dark Chocolate.

Now I’m sipping on some plain Yogi Tea (delish) and blogging away! I still feel like I’m fighting off this cold…maybe I’m getting it, but not as intense it would be if I weren’t taking precautions to keep it away? I hope it goes away soon! It has my head clouded slightly and my throat feeling irritated and dry. Yuck!

Heads up for this week…I’m participating in Meghann’s bake sale for her marathon fundraising! Stay tuned to see what I’m making 😀

Good night!!!