Thank you for all of the wonderful sleeping advice you gave me last night! I’m happy to report that after I talked to Evan, I was fast asleep by 9:45 PM (only laid there awake for 5 minutes or so) and woke up after a glorious 8 hours of sleep (finally!!) at 5:45 AM. I slept hard as a rock and I definitely felt better this morning, especially after doing some AM Yoga.

Wednesdays are seminar days, so I don’t have anywhere to be until 9 AM (such a nice change from 7:30!). However, I didn’t want to sleep until 7:30 and mess up my sleep schedule, so I still got up early and worked on some reading I had due for seminar today. It was so so nice to have a relaxing 2.5 hours to casually do yoga, eat breakfast, get ready, catch up on blogs, and read.

For breakfast I had a yummy PB Puffins/Kashi GoLean Crunch Honey Almond Flax mixture with soy milk. I also grabbed some grapes to take with me to seminar. (please excuse the pictures, I took them with my camera phone because my computer sucked the battery life out of my camera overnight…whoops!)



At seminar I had a small cup of OJ that my classmate’s brought it for “breakfast”. I’ve been feeling like a cold is coming on (one of the twin girls I nanny for has had a nasty sinus thing since Friday). I have a little bit of a dry throat and a dull headache, which the combination of those two is never a good sign. Hopefully I can keep it away with plenty of oranges and OJ. I also had a very uncomfortable stomach this afternoon. I’m really hoping it’s not the spinach from last night…I had such high hopes!

Lunch was Meghann’s awesome wrap that I’ve been making often with the goat cheese, sweet potato, and banana peppers as the filling. Still just as yummy as the first time I had it! I also had a tangelo on the side with a glass of OJ (lots of Vitamin C!).

After lunch I had a Choxie Milk Chocolate Cinnamon Latte Mini Bar (mid-afternoon snack? :P). Loved this! And it was the perfect size!

DSC_3098.JPG DSC_3099.JPG

Dinner was leftover Easy Bake Ravioli with Spinach and Zucchini. I decided to take my chances with the spinach again and see how I feel tomorrow. Between the looming cold and my stomach, I might be begging for a disaster. Oh well. With dinner I also had one slice of an Arnold Thin and the other half of my sweet potato from lunch today.


Dessert was another dipping bowl filled with Mango Sorbet. Perfect portion and perfect tastes!!!


For my 30 minute cross training tonight, I had really wanted to go to the gym and do a rowing or elliptical workout. As the day progressed, I started feeling worse and worse with my throat and head so I decided that in an effort to try to prevent getting more sick, I would do the second part to last night’s yoga DVD: 30 minutes of restorative yoga. I definitely didn’t want to overdo it at the gym so I figured that if I combined it with an early night to bed, it might help restore my health!? Worth a shot! It’s still some kind of cross training…just not the one I preferred for today. Oh well…it’s better than risking being laid up with sickness later and it’s certainly better than nothing.

After doing the session I must say it was awesome! It was more intense than I thought it would be (for some reason I was picturing lots of calm relaxation). Through the entire restorative practice you use a blanket folded mostly into a bolster or accordion to support your body while you stretch every muscle out. Though there were many movements, the whole practice left me feeling very relaxed and, well, restored! Perfect! Now for some sleep…

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