As promised, last night’s dinner was a nice pasta meal that Evan prepared. We had whole grain spaghetti made with a garlic tomato sauce/Morningstar Crumbles mixture. On the side we devoured my leftover Hearty Oat Biscuits and some fresh broccoli topped with shredded cheddar cheese.




I fell asleep around 11 PM. I stayed up watching Catch Me if You Can on TV…did anyone else see it? Such a great movie! I woke up at 6:30 and did my AM Yoga, which was perfect for waking me up and getting me going! Then I had half of a WW bagel with peanut butter on it and a glass of water.


Evan and I made it to the race site pretty early and I was FREEZING. I couldn’t get warm at all. My toes were going numb and I definitely couldn’t feel my hands. I had brought a polar fleece zip-up to keep on until the race started and I spent at least a half hour contemplating whether to wear it or not. I wound up pinning my bib to it and just thinking that I’d rather be a little warm than frigidly cold and shivering the entire time I was running.

The first mile was definitely the hardest. I went out faster than I would on a normal run (not on purpose, it just happened), but people were passing me left and right and I wasn’t comfortable with that. I had this ridiculous fear that I’d be the last to finish and I’d be mortified. The reasonable side of me had to remind myself that I was there to race for me, no one else. The somewhat unreasonable side of me reminded myself that this was a run/walk race and that I couldn’t possibly be last if I ran the entire time. I pushed through.

The miles weren’t marked on the course, but I knew where they were from running this route on Wednesday. So when I reached 1.5 miles I had to go up a quarter mile hill that is really steep. I lived off of this hill my freshman year and it was hard to even walk up it sometimes. Luckily, I practiced it last week and knew what to expect. I made it up fine and wondered what the best way to recover from a hill would be (my legs were really stiff). I decided that trying to get my legs moving fast again would be the best thing and that definitely did the trick. I was moving quick now into the last mile of the race.

The last mile was set up perfectly. It started as an awesome and speedy downhill that was a straight shot into a flat half-mile path to the finish line. When I got to the flat part my legs felt brand new. I don’t know what kicked in all of a sudden but I felt really good. I sprinted when I rounded the corner to the finish line and in the last 10 seconds beat 2 people I’d been running behind for awhile (one of which was a girl who kept running past me, then walking, and I really wanted to beat her for some reason! haha). Evan met me after I’d walked around aimlessly for a bit and we both got really excited about my finishing time…


Those are the two people I beat 😀 (I’m in the purple jacket sprinting my heart out!)

I’m blissfully happy to report that I completed my first 5K and killed the time of 31 minutes I was hoping to get. I actually broke 30 minutes with a time of 29:56!!! I’m so proud of this because I really didn’t think I could break 30 minutes. I definitely underestimated the power of racing and how it pushes you when you don’t even realize it! Evan (who has completed a few races himself) told me that I would break 30 (based on my practice paces), but I definitely was not seeing where I would be able to shave a minute off my 10-minute/mile pace. He said he was watching the clock and when it turned to 29 minutes and he didn’t see me yet, he thought that I really wasn’t going to do it. Then I suddenly appeared and sprinted to the end to just make it in time!

I picked up half of a banana, an orange wedge, half of a bagel (no toppings), a bottle of water, and a little cup of Chocolate Obsession gelato that The Gelato Company was handing out for free. How I was eating gelato when it was so cold, I don’t know, but it was delicious!




Overall, this was such a fun experience and I really do feel so good about sticking to a plan and doing this. I was surprised by how fast the race went by and how I was pushing my body to go faster than I even realized. I never felt any pain or discomfort so I think I was really well-prepared for this. Knowing all of this now, I can definitely attest to the beauty of using a training plan. I would have felt lost and ill-prepared if I hadn’t been following my C25K plan. I want to thank Evan for getting up early this morning to support me and be my photographer through all of this. I love you!


On that note, I have some exciting announcements coming up. I’m going to wait until everything is solidified before I let you in on my plans, but I hope you’ll stick around to find out!

For lunch I had some thawed Southwestern Soup, half of my last Hearty Oat Biscuit, and a few All-Bran crackers. Yum!



Evan and I were planning on going out to dinner tonight (haven’t done that in a long time!). His parents called around noon to tell us that they’re coming for a visit and to go out to dinner so we’re changing our plans a little and going out with them instead! It will be fun to see them and Evan’s brother. Plus, I think we’re going to Carrabbas and you know I’m SUPER excited about that! I’ll be having the original cousin to The Chicken Ryan for sure!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Saturday! Congrats to Caitlin and Meghann who also kicked butt on their 5 / 5.2 K’s this morning!!!

Catch ya tomorrow!