Happy Thursday! I’m so glad that tomorrow is Friday and I’ll only be one more day away from my first ever 5K! Yay! So in the spirit of my race, I need your help! Since I’ve never done one I don’t have any pre-race rituals established or anything. If you’re a runner and you’ve been in a race or two, what did you do to prepare? What’d you eat the night before? What’d you eat the morning of? How do you warm-up? Do you go out easy or hard at the beginning? All of these things (and anything else you think is important), I really want to know! I absolutely appreciate all of your support and encouraging comments that have gotten me this far!

Today started out early for my internship. I had a bowl of PB Puffins, Kashi GoLean Crucnch Honey Almond Flax, with 4 blackberries and Almond Breeze. My poor blackberries were ridiculously sour and I couldn’t bear to eat anymore than one. Must have gone bad already. 😦


No mid-morning snack because we didn’t have a free resource period this morning. I was STARVING when I got home and loaded up on a big lunch. I had the other half of my Amy’s Pesto Pizza from last night, half of a sliced cucumber and few Kashi Mediterranean Bruschetta crackers, covered in a Light Original Laughing Cow! It was all just what I needed to fill my tummy.


It didn’t last long (as most meals aren’t lately) and I was starving again by 3:30/4:00 PM. I decided on an Arnold’s Thin PB/Banana/honey sandwich to take to class with me. I also grabbed some of my Back to Nature mixed nuts.



I left class and went straight to Texas Roadhouse to have “date night” with my best friend, Liz. This is our favorite place to go because there are some cheap options and the bread is SOOO freaking good. I had one piece of the bread with a little cinnamon butter, a house salad with their homemade italian vinaigrette dressing, and a plain sweet potato. Yum! My bill? $6.38! Love it! Liz and I chatted for 2 hours about anything and everything! Including her maybe starting a foodie/fitness blog. I hope, hope, hope she will do this and join this amazing community!




I just finished my first round of the PM Yoga DVD. It was short and sweet which I liked, but pretty fast paced. I’m hoping I’ll get better at keeping up with more practice. Plus I realized how insanely inflexible I am. YIkes! I’m going to wake up at 5 AM and do the AM Yoga before getting ready for internship.

No pictures tonight because I’m running late on my sleep schedule! I’ll update the post tomorrow with the pics. Goodnight!