I passed my Elementary Education, K-6 Florida Teachers Certification Exam today (according to my “unofficial” score report)! The test was about 230 questions and took me 3 hours to complete, but I’m so happy it’s behind me! Today has been such a crazy, intense day since I had to take the test during my break between internship and class today. I also squeezed in a meeting with my co-teaching partner to discuss and create an upcoming student survey/profiler we have to do. Then my class went for the full 3 hours and let’s just say I was DONE when it ended at 7 PM. I was home for about 20 minutes total today to grab some lunch and didn’t even make it up to my room until tonight.

This morning started off kind of rocky. I spilled some of my BareMinerals makeup on my carpet and since this powdery stuff turns to cream when you touch it, it made cleanup a little challenging. Because of this, I had very little time to make breakfast, let alone eat it, so I took it to-go in a nice Solo cup and was on my way 🙂 Same as yesterday (Total Cinnamon Crunch, organic LF vanilla yogurt, pineapple, blackberries).


If only I’d been able to enjoy this beauty of a breakfast! See, I was rushing to my car and it was pouring rain. I jumped in the car and went to put the cup in the cup holder, when….it spilled all over the floor of my car. I lost all of my blackberries, most of my yogurt, and all but one of my pineapple slices. I was so sad. Luckily (if you can call any of this lucky), it spilled on my rubber mats (thanks, Dad!) and since it was raining I was able remove the mat from my car and “wash” off the mess in the rain!

I forgot to eat my mid-morning snack before my test at 11 AM, so I was STARVING when I got out at 2 PM. I ate my snack (pineapple and a Cashew Cookie Larabar) while I rushed home. I quickly made a Morningstar Tomato Pizza Burger topped with a little marinara and goat cheese on a whole wheat Arnold Thin. I made a simple, plain salad with a little Tuscan Italian dressing on top to go with my sandwich.




I got home from class and and made Annie’s Mac & Cheese (with almond milk) and baked sweet potatoes rounds (EVOO, cinnamon, paprika, salt, pepper) for dinner while talking to Callyn about the Gasparilla 5K coming up at the end of February. I’d love to run in such a big race and she thinks she might race in it as well. It’d be her first 5K and my second by then, but it’d be a fun thing to do together! Who else is going to race at Gasparilla (5K, 15K, half or marathon)?


I just realized my dinner totally matched my plate!

Dessert is a handful of Annie’s Bunny Grahams. Nothing too big, because I’m still really full from dinner.


I’m going to run now, because I have lots of forms to type up before my seminar class tomorrow and I want to fill in all of my syllabus dates in my planner before I start forgetting things. I hope you all had a wonderful day! I’m glad I get to sleep soon 😀