My Ecto experience last night was a success! I can’t wait to keep blogging with this tool…it makes everything so much easier and FAST! I’ll say this now…I’m a slow blogger. My posts take forever to write and compile. I put a lot of thought into the organization and content of a post, so maybe that’s where the time goes. Plus, with my new schedule, I’m posting a nightly recap of my day instead of several posts throughout the day. It’s a lot to remember. If I get a chance, I sit down and start writing around lunch time (like I’m doing now) and finish up after dinner. Do posts take you a long time, too?

I had a really hard time going to sleep last night. Of course I fell asleep during movies the entire weekend, but when it was actually necessary that I fall asleep early, I couldn’t. I don’t think I actually closed my eyes until 11:30 or so. This made getting up this morning very difficult, of course. I was slow moving but managed to make a decent breakfast and packed a good lunch to-go.

Breakfast: Total Cinnamon Crunch, organic low-fat vanilla yogurt, blackberries, pineapple. I ended up throwing this in a to-go cup because I didn’t have time to eat it at my house.


Lunch: Amy’s Non-Dairy burrito topped with salsa and reduced-fat sour cream, with more pineapple (the Larabar was my pre-run snack). Amy’s burritos are amazing.



Dinner: A Flat-Out Pizza (Cabernet Marinara, italian seasoning, goat cheese) and a bowl of left-over Southwestern Soup . This dinner was SO filling and delicious. I highly recommend make pizza with Flat-Outs because the edges actually get crispy like crust! Plus it’s just a healthier option all around. I loved it!




Dessert: Same as last night (Slow-Churned Caramel Delight, Annie’s Bunny Grahams, pineapple)


Overall, it was a very pineapple-y day!!!


Today’s Mindful Moderation: SNACKS. I was in a very snacky mood today, craving things like cheese, crackers, chocolate, fruit, more cheese… I did an okay job with today’s mindful moderation. I split a cheese stick and some TLC crackers with the twins this afternoon, had a Larabar before my run, and had a cracker with laughing cow after my run. I guess I didn’t have my mid-morning snack (too busy at my internship), so that might explain my endless snacking hunger.




My run today was so so so much better than Saturday’s 2.5 miler. First, I made sure my iPod was fully charged for today’s run. I didn’t want another motivation disaster to strike today. Second, I went straight from work to campus and ran there instead. I wanted a change of scenery and it was such a great decision! Third, it was cold. I love when it’s cold…it actually keeps my body from working against me (I am really sensitive to heat and have “blacked” out a couple of times from over-heating). The only thing that wasn’t perfect was during the last 5-10 minutes of my run, it started raining. Not just any rain…freezing rain. I think it was about 48 degrees outside, so the rain added a little bite to the air. It wasn’t bad, but I was worried about my iPod getting wet. As far as my actual run, I kept a 9:30-10:30 min/mile pace the entire run. I’m extremely proud of this seeing as I couldn’t get under 11:00 min/mile over a week ago!

I’m off to bed now…I have to take my teacher’s certification exam tomorrow after internship (ahhh, scary!). Hopefully I pass 🙂 Have a great night!