Hi everyone! I am now trying out Ecto after failed attempts and frustration with MarsEdit and ScribeFire. Mostly I was having issues with posting pictures with MarsEdit and ScribeFire. It wasn’t quick or easy, so we’ll see how Ecto works out for me now!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was great, I got to spend a lot of time with Evan! We rented movies from Redbox. I used two promo codes I heard about from Lindsey, so we only paid $1 for the three movies we rented! I highly recommend Redbox. It’s quick, easy, convenient and CHEAP! Really, it can’t get any better than that! So what movies did we watch? Journey to the Center of the Earth, Get Smart, and Tropic Thunder. Journey was just okay. Kind of cheesy, but we could see the appeal for younger ages. Get Smart was great even though I had to finish watching it the next day because I fell asleep halfway through! Tropic Thunder was also decent until I fell asleep watching it last night! I didn’t get a chance to finish before returning it this morning so I can’t give a proper review.

Friday night we had the last of the stir-fried rice. It was yummy as ever! On the side we had some blue corn chips and queso. No pictures, but you can probably picture it 🙂 Saturday morning I got to sleep in until almost 11 AM! I must have been so tired because I didn’t wake up early in the morning like I expected I would (since I’m on this new schedule). When I got around to eating at noon, I was inspired by Lindsey’s post to make a smoothie. Mine had frozen strawberries, half a banana, a half scoop of vanilla soy protein powder, light agave nectar, almond breeze, and organic vanilla yogurt. On the side I had a toasted Arnold Sandwich Thin with raspberry preserves and MaraNatha PB.




Mid-afternoon snack was two clementines:


Around 3:30 PM I set out for my first run of C25K’s Week 7: a 25 minute run. I was doing so well during the first 1.5 miles. I was averaging a 10 minute/mile pace (which was an 11:30 the last run I did) until my iPod battery died and I was forced to run in silence and without my stats updates to keep me motivated. At that point, my faster pace and the unusual heat caught up with me and I was feeling terrible. I kept going, although at a considerably slower pace, and finished up the run. Needless to say, I’ll make sure my iPod is fully charged the next time I lace up those running shoes. I had no idea I was so dependent on music while running! Are you the same way or do you enjoy some silence while you work out?

When I got home I had to shower quickly and jet off to babysit! I took the two boys I watch to Publix to get subs. I had a 6-inch Boars Head Turkey sub on Multi-Grain bread with provolone, lettuce, banana peppers, light mayo and black pepper. Yum!!! I love Publix subs and this one is my absolute favorite. For dessert I split a Dove Dark Chocolate bar with the youngest of the two boys.

This morning I slept in again and didn’t have breakfast/lunch until noon. I had some of the eggs Evan made for breakfast, a bowl of cereal, a clementine, and a glass of an OJ/Pomegranate juice mixture.

For dinner, I decided to make some Southwestern Soup I discovered in this month’s Southern Living magazine. I made a couple of modifications with the ingredients. I used Boca Crumbles instead of ground beef, reduced sodium beef broth, and extra corn. I had to search for a taco seasoning that didn’t contain PHO. Warning: do not buy Old El Paso taco seasoning. It was the first one I picked up but every variety of it had PHO. Ugh. The other brands didn’t though, so I got one of those (some generic brand, can’t remember). This soup was super easy to make and very tasty! I added some reduced fat sour cream and 2% mexican blend shredded cheese on top.


Dessert tonight was a bowl of Edy’s Slow-Churned Caramel Delight ice cream topped with Annie’s Bunny Grahams and fresh pineapple. OH MY. SO GOOD! I really need to remember to buy pineapples more often! They are cheaper if you cut them yourself and I picked one up today for $4.99. I actually like cutting them up because it’s always amazing to me how much pineapple you can get out of one fruit! This particular one was so so sweet. I can’t wait to enjoy more tomorrow!


Now I need to get working on more of my statement of purpose for my grad school applications. I finally got confirmation of my third letter of recommendation today so I need to get moving on submitting this thing! It will be SUCH a weight off of my shoulders when all three of my applications are in. And…I guess I need to get in bed by 10:00 PM. Ugh, 5:45 AM comes early!!! Have a great night!