Good afternoon everyone! I have a legitimate break this afternoon since my class isn’t until tonight. Hopefully my professor will let us out earlier than 8:15 PM (it’s the first class…he should be nice, right?) because the game is on at 8 PM. My roommate and I are having people over tonight for the game…so excited!

As promised last night, pictures of me dressing up for game day! (very sleepy still…it was 6:30 AM)



It’s simple, but special, because Evan got me the cardigan for Christmas and his parents got me the bracelet. I’m told the cardigan is more red and blue than orange and blue but I figured I’d pretend for today that it was orange! (sorry for the arm hair, haha it looks weird up close!)

I got home this afternoon and finally got my distance class registered for. I swear I talked to at least 10 different people about how to get into this class and either they didn’t know what I was talking about or I wasn’t talking to the right department so I’d get sent to someone else who didn’t know what they were doing. Ugh. Anyway, I’ve been playing phone tag with the actual person I was supposed to talk to and when I got in touch with her today she registered me for the class and now I’m all set. Whew…

Today’s Mindful Moderation: Fried Food. I have yet to indulge or give into this sudden craving I had today while walking around my classroom, nor do I plan to. Just wanted to let you know that I definitely could have eaten a fried chicken sandwich or something for lunch if it’d been sitting in front of me!

Instead, I had a Flat Out Wrap and 50% Reduced Fat Cheddar Cheese quesadilla with salsa, blue corn tortilla chips, and cucumbers w/Greek style hummus for lunch. These Flat Out Wraps are GREAT. Check out those 8g of Fiber, 9g of Protein and 100 Calories. Plus multi-grains and flax!




Now I’m off to Publix to pick up a few things for a yummy dip that Evan’s mom makes. I’ll share that later on (probably tomorrow). Until then, I leave you with:

GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!