I’m so excited I get to be home long enough to do a lunch time blog. I got interrupted while I was writing this earlier today and had to postpone it for tonight. Oh well, I tried. Anyway, I had a yummy breakfast and lunch today that I can’t wait to share. Dinner was good too!

But first…Today’s Mindful Moderation! With the holidays and my hiatus from blogging I temporarily forgot about this idea that I created almost a month ago. I was reminded of it this morning when I was sitting in my seminar class and had finished off two small glasses of orange juice and was totally ready for my third. I purposely didn’t drink coffee this morning so I could have the juice my field advisors were bringing in. I was totally craving it, so I was excited! Needless to say, I remembered that a third cup of OJ was not necessary and restrained myself.

Breakfast this morning was a nice bowl of oats and a side of CLEMENTINE. They contained:

-1/2 cup oats
-1/2 cup water
-1/2 cup Vanilla Almond Breeze
-1/2 banana, sliced thin
-1 tbsp. sliced almonds
-1 packed Stevia
-1 tbsp. MaraNatha Peanut Butter



This was such a yummy combination…I loved sliced almonds in oatmeal!

Lunch consisted of Arnold’s Thin Slices with 50% reduced fat Cabot White Cheddar Cheese topped with salsa, 2 sliced of turkey, and a salad with Tuscan Italian Dressing. YUM!!!



I was running around trying to sign up for a distance education class this afternoon but when I got home I did my first 25 minute, non-stop run! I ran 2.35 miles without walking so I am very proud of myself. After the run, I had the intention of going to do a couple stadiums (not as many as last time since I ran today) with Evan. We got there and they closed the stadium until after the BCS National Championship game! I guess they don’t want any of those Boomer Sooners going in and vandalizing anything…. Disappointed, we headed to the gym. I did some weight machines that worked my arms and the moved on to some crunches and stretching. I am TIRED!

Dinner was leftover stir-fry from yesterday:


2 clementines:


And for dessert: Dark Chocolate Covered Pomegranate Seeds


Overall it’s been a good and somewhat productive day. I was really hoping to get to cleaning and organizing my room today but other pressing things came up. It happens!

Tomorrow is the BCS National Championship Game!!! I will be sporting my Orange and Blue to my internship tomorrow…stay tuned to see!!! GOOO GATORS!!!!

I’m off to bed! Have a great night everyone!