Today officially kicked off the last semester of my undergraduate years! It’s surreal but also exciting! I’ll have a bachelors degree in 4 short months! For those of you who’ve graduated from college, what was your experience your last semester? Do you have any suggestions for how to spend these last couple of months?

My orientation meeting went well this morning: short and sweet! Then I got to spend some time in my new 4th grade classroom. I’m hoping for a great semester with some 24 awesome students.

For breakfast I tried some new cereal: Total Cinnamon Crunch with Vanilla Almond Breeze. My favorite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch (shameless self-indulgence until I learned it had PHO in it!) My new cereal this morning tasted JUST like my old fave (minus the PHO) AND it kept my hunger at bay until from 7:30 to 11:30 AM. I also had a clementine with the cereal.


For lunch I packed one of Amy’s Non-Dairy burritos with some salsa and more clementines (you’ll be seeing a lot of these in the next week). I also packed a Chocolate Chip Clif Z-Bar for my mid-afternoon snack at work. Not pictured: cheese stick I snagged at work.


After work I went for my run (Week 6 of the C25K). It was a 5 minute warm-up walk followed by 10 minutes running, 3 minutes walking and 10 minutes running again. Here are the stats:

  • Time: 32’02”
  • Pace: 12:55 min/mi
  • Distance: 2.48 mi
  • Calories: 275

After my run I had a piece of a Pomegranate Walnut granola plank:


After that I ran out to pick up my books for this semester. I was planning on coming home right away to make some stir-fried rice, but Evan invited me over for pork chops and broccoli mac ‘n cheese. Since it was a last minute thing, I didn’t have my camera, but I will tell you that it was delicious and he did a great job! Thank you, honey!

Well, I’m off to bed since I have to be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning. I also have this splitting headache that I need to sleep off. I hope everyone had a great day! Goodnight!