Do you have any idea how nice it is to be able to sit down are write on my blog again? In my hiatus, I kept thinking, “OH I need to remember to post this” and “I need to remember to say that”. Of course, I was too frazzled to write any of it down. Then, tonight I was thinking, how the heck am I going to organize this so that you aren’t reading for 45 minutes straight? I think I’ll go in this order with the 3 F’s:

  • Food
  • Fitness (and HBBC update!)
  • FUN

Are you ready for the longest post, ever?!?!


So I guess I left off on Friday afternoon (wow, has it really been that long?). Well, one of my best friends, Callyn came from Tampa to visit me Friday night and we went to Dragonfly to celebrate. It was Callyn’s first time eating sushi but she dove RIGHT in with the raw fish. She’s way braver than me…my first roll had tempura shrimp in it. Plus, she doesn’t normally like any kind of sea food. So how did it go? Success! She really liked it!


Mango Madness Martini (this was a very mango-y kind of night!)


The. best. thing. you. will. ever. put. in. your. mouth: Dragonfly Wontons in a Mango/Peach sauce


Back: Mango Roll (salmon, cream cheese, avocado, and other things I can’t remember)

Front: Spicy Tuna Roll


Callyn putting on a good face before trying sushi! sidenote: look at the lady in the back shoving a huge roll in her mouth!! Sorry, lady!


Last, but not least, Tempura Cheesecake with ice cream and lots of berries (to make it healthy, the waiter said).

So it wasn’t the healthiest night I’ve had in awhile, but it was totally worth it.

For breakfast on Saturday, Callyn and I went to Peach Valley. I had the same thing I had last weekend, but only ate about half of it. Here are the leftovers I later had for dinner:


I had to babysit that night, but afterward I was starving so I went to Evan’s and he made me a nice bowl of oatmeal with pecans and Sugar in the Raw. No picture, but it was yummy!

Sunday morning I made English Muffin French Toast with OJ.


After breakfast I had to do a “fieldtrip” to a science-related place for my Methods of Teaching Science class. More about that in FUN.

Then I made my way to Fresh Market!!! It’s the closest thing we have to a Whole Foods here in Gainesville, but it’s way pricey so I think this is only the 2nd time I’ve been there this semester.


I really wanted more Vanilla Chobani, which I cannot find in the Publix stores around my house. I also wanted to see if they had some other things I couldn’t find anywhere else. Unfortunately, no Vanilla Chobani, but I was able to get another blueberry and strawberry! Here’s the loot I picked up:


Because of my crazy school schedule this week, I was really trying to resist getting take-out anywhere like I usually do during stressful finals. It seems so ridiculous to buy food before you’re about to go back home for break, but this was better than eating Panera and Moe’s all week. Guess what?! Success…no take-out! When I got home from Fresh Market it was about 3:00 and I started a Black Bean Soup recipe from bella eats [and runs] that I’d been wanting to try. It cooked it on medium-low on the stove for 4 hours and it was fantastic! Evan came over to help me eat it. Plus I wanted to send him home with something substantial to eat while he was getting through finals this week!




Andrea this was so tasty!! Thank goodness I made it, because I ate it for the rest of the week so I didn’t have to really cook much!

Dessert was Eggnog Ice Cream with cinnamon:



I had to work from 7-12 AM before my final and wasn’t thinking to bring my camera to work. I took a not-so-great picture of my oatmeal on my cell phone:


Lunch was Amy’s Bean Burrito (as seen in the picture of my groceries from Fresh Market).

Dinner (surprise!) was Black Bean Soup again!


Dessert: a small amount of Eggnog Ice Cream and a warmed up Chocolate Brownie Z-Bar


Tuesday (how are you doing?! holding up? thanks for reading this far!!)

Breakfast was a beautiful bowl of hazelnut milk oats that had banana, ground flax, vanilla protein, dried cranberries, and 1/4 of a Pomegranate Walnut Granola Plank


Lunch was equally as fun: a Morningstar Tomato Basil Pizza Burger with a little cheddar cheese on the panini grill with a side of cucumbers


Dinner? You guessed it!
With two Morningstar Chicken Nuggets:
Today was INSANE so I have no pictures for you. I had a bagel for breakfast, a Subway sandwich that my boss bought me for lunch, and more Morningstar products for dinner. I’m spent!
Food: CHECK!

Fitness (thank goodness for tracking my runs/walks on NikePlus’s website!)

  • last day of C25K: Week 3! 1.69 miles
  • Stretching, 15 minutes


  • Erging (2,788 meters or 15 minutes), 1.02 mile walk on treadmill
  • Walking on campus: 1.03 miles
  • Stretching, 15 minutes


  • Walking on campus: 1.76 miles
  • first day of C25K: Week 4! 2.25 miles
  • Stretching, 15 minutes


  • Walking on campus: 1.07 miles

New HBBC Point Total: 26.68 points

Fitness: CHECK!

FUN! (whew, this is like a marathon post!)

Just a few quick things that made me happy this week (in chronological order):

1) Callyn brought me a birthday present which I cannot wait to read now that I’ll have some down time!


2) A $40 Starbucks gift card from one of the families I babysit for….awww 😀

3) The “field trip” I went on was to Grossology: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body. This was a really great exhibit for kids (and adults, haha!) I really enjoyed it and took some pictures for my project while I was there. I thought you might enjoy them too! The first ones are about food, of course!







4) FOODIE BUCKS! Fresh Market gave me this when I finished checking out on Sunday. Now, how did they know I was a Foodie? 😛 Good thing a Fresh Market just opened in Sarasota! I gotta remember to use this thing next week!


5) Getting to see Evan more than I thought I would this week (both of us have been crazy busy studying for our finals). Not a picture from this week, but he deserves some love 😀


6) A $100 Christmas bonus from the twins’ parents!!! And a mysterious gift from the Body Shop that I have not opened yet…it’s staring at me. I’ll let you know what I get later!

OKAY I AM DONE!!!! Thank you for reading this far! I appreciate it so much! Hopefully I never have to catch up like this again. And guess what?! I can now relax and enjoy the holiday season. It’s FINALLY beginning to feel like Christmas!