Obnoxious title, sorry. But I’m SO EXCITED to be officially done with this semester! The last four days have been insane and I’m glad that I have so much off of my shoulders now. Seriously, there’s nothing like the feeling of finishing a semester. I apologize sincerely for being so absent. I’ve been commenting when I get a chance, but when I had to choose between taking time out of finals prep to either blog or workout, the choice was obvious. Working out gave me energy. Energy I desperately needed the last few days!

I’m going to tease you all a little bit (sorry!) and wrap up this post here. I have to babysit tonight until 10 and since I don’t have any studying to do, I’ll be able to devote some time to a much anticipated (by me and hopefully you!) catch up post. It’s going to be exhausting so get ready!

See you tonight!