Okay, I’m minimizing all of your lovely blog posts that I have yet to read in my Google Reader so I can write something substantial about my latest eats, events, and HBBC updates! Let’s go back to Monday’s eats, shall we?


I left off on Monday’s breakfast so here’s lunch:

Pacific Foods Red Roasted Pepper and Tomato Soup with a whole wheat quesadilla filled with a little muenster and swiss. Have I mentioned how hard it is to get veggies at work?



Mid-afternoon snack: Pistachio Larabar…I love this flavor!


After this, my Canon PowerShot 800 IS camera’s battery died. This gave me the incentive to charge up my Nikon D40’s battery and start getting some BETTER pictures of my food for dinner. What do you think? Improvement? Pictures just come out better with a DSLR camera and it’s way more speedy-friendly with my computer. However, I don’t usually use it because it’s HUGE and my Canon is just easier to tote around with me. Anyway…here we go with sweet pictures for dinner and so on…

Dinner: Sweet Potato with Black Beans and parmesan cheese. I felt like I was missing something here. Some flavor or something. Meghann and Caitlin…I know you guys make this combo all the time. Is there anything you add to spice things up a little? I added some parmesan cheese which helped, but maybe not enough. Overall though, I loved the flavors that this combination brought together. I will definitely eat this again!


An iced Chai tea latte made with vanilla soy and organic chai mix (I did about 1/3 mix and 2/3 milk)…YUM!



Dessert: TCBY Eggnog soft-serve frozen yogurt. I really wanted something sweet that night and this hit the spot!


After this I had to get moving on studying for my final exam on Tuesday. I got NO sleep. Oh well. On to Tuesday..


As mentioned before, I had no appetite on Tuesday. I felt hungry but nothing sounded good so I made myself eat some grapes, pecans, and a Peach Chobani out of my lunchbox. I picked at everything. After my nap I was starving. Good thing Evan and I were headed out to CARRABBAS! I had:

A Pomegranate Martini (!!!!!!!!)


Bread (so hard to resist!)

A House Salad with Creamy Parmesan Dressing

and (my favorite)…The Chicken Bryan (chicken topped with goat cheese, basil, and sun-dried tomatoes with a side of broccoli and cauliflower)DSC_2188.JPG

Holy crap I forgot how GOOD Carrabbas is. My mouth is watering looking at these pictures!

For dessert we decided to forgo restaurant choices for a combo of Edy’s Slow-Churned Peppermint and Slow-Churned Egg Nog. Now, Meghann made the Peppermint flavor famous, but the Egg Nog is SO good too! It’s much sweeter (which I like because it means I don’t feel inclined to eat as much of it as I would the Peppermint). What a holiday treat this was though. Yum, yum, yum!


On to today…Wednesday!

I caught up again on sleep this morning by sleeping until noon. My poor body is all over the place with this crazy sleep schedule I have going on. I love the freedom of my college life, but seriously, my body is going to thank me when I have a real job and am on a regular schedule. Sleeping until noon meant no breakfast for me so I skipped to lunch:

Two teeny slices of left-over pizza that Evan sent me home with this morning and lots of cucumbers. I took the cheese off the larger slice.


Whew! Done! I’m hungry now, but I’ll recap HBBC stuff really quick for you:


Morning walk: 2.09 points

Stretching: 0.50 points

C25K workout: 1.51 points


Walking around campus: 1.10 points

30 minutes of dodgeball during class (yes, I’m in the College of Education…we do stuff like this): 2 points

Total: 7.20 points

At 5:30 I’m meeting Evan at the stadium to do some stair climbing to substitute my C25K for today. This work-out is CRAZY and the last time I did it I was sore for a week and a half. I’ll let you know the details tonight. After this I have a new meal planned that I’ve never made before. Stay tuned!