I’m such a slacker…well, with posting. Today I had my final exam in Teaching English as a Second Language. It went really well and my paper was returned to me…40/40! She asked to keep it because she thought it was so good. Yay!

I came home around 3:00 PM and decided I needed a nap. I slept until 6:00 PM and since then I’ve been getting ready to go out to Evan’s Birthday Dinner. We’re going to Carrabbas! Yummmm. The last time we were there was for his 21st birthday, so this should be fun 😀

Today was lame in terms of food and me. I didn’t get much sleep at all last night so I really wasn’t hungry the whole day. I packed a good lunch but mostly picked at a Peach Chobani, grapes, and pecans. I didn’t even get to touch my sandwich. Oh well…

K, I’m off! Be back tomorrow with more foodie details!