I was already running late this morning as I got in my car and turned the windshield wipers on. I heard csh csh csh as my wipers slid right over the ice that formed on the glass overnight. I’m glad that it’s cold enough for this to happen, but what a nuisance. I got out a card and started scraping. My poor, little, glove-less hands were numb by the time I finished. I wish I had gotten a picture but I was seriously late by this point! (sidenote: one of the twins is making faces in the mirror right now and cracking up at herself!!)

Anyway, made it to work without much trouble. I just sat down to eat a nice bowl of oats with a glass of orange juice. Mmmmmm!



My oats had:

1/2 cup oats

3/4 cup milk

2 T. ground flax seed

1/2 banana

a drizzle of orange blossom honey


AND a sprinkle of Post Select Great Grains: Raisins, Dates & Pecans Whole Grain Cereal


Well, I’m off to get the girls all bundled up for a walk! I brought my iPod today and I can’t wait to get the official distance we always walk! More on that later! For now I leave you with a very special message:


(yes, we’re 2 days apart :D)