Hi everyone! Today I had my first full day of classes in quite some time…luckily it’s one of my last ones before winter break! However, I’ve concluded that on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I just don’t have the time to write more than once or take many pictures. I so badly wanted to but it was rush, rush, rush since I woke up this morning. Right now I am relaxing at work (date night for the twin’s parents). The girls are sleeping so I get to blog, do whatever I want, and get paid!! What could be better than that?!

So I started my morning off with a toasted WW English muffin with almond butter and raspberry preserves. It was so good…like PB&J for breakfast! While my breakfast was toasting I was scrambling in the kitchen to throw together a decent packed lunch and snacks. Yesterday’s lunch was so good that I decided to make the naan sandwich again, this time with Blazin’ Buffalo Chicken Breast and alfalfa sprouts! It was really good but I wish I’d had access to a microwave to warm it up like yesterday’s. I liked it better slightly warmed. Other goodies contained in my lunchbox included:

  • a peach Chobani (mmm mmm)
  • organic grapes
  • pecans
  • Pecan Pie Larabar

I got home from school later than usual today, because we had an exam review after class. Needless to say, I was starving when I finally made it home. I decided to cook an early dinner because I had to be to work by 7 PM and I definitely didn’t want to have to find something here to eat. I kept it simple with some easy comfort foods:

  • Annie’s Whole Wheat Organic White Cheddar Shells
  • mini turkey sandwich with a slice of cheddar and WW bread on the panini press
  • organic green beans with lots of pepper on top
  • glass of orange juice


For dessert I dug into the Peppermint ice cream again from last night….SO creamy and SO good!


Alright, well I need to call my dad back…we’re making BIRTHDAY plans for this weekend! Revolving around the SEC championship game, of course! 😀 Have a great night!