Wow, I have been gone for awhile! I guess that’s bound to happen over a holiday weekend though. Especially with the one I had! I’ll do a day-by-day recap really quick:


Thanksgiving! There was lots of cooking going on in my house and I was frantically trying to get ready for my very full day. Evan and his family showed up around 1 PM and his parents got to meet mine for the first time (eeek!). It went well, though! Then Evan and I went with my family to our Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents’ house. We ate some amazing food but had to hold back a little because Round #2 was coming around 7 PM. We headed over to Evan’s aunt’s house for cocktails, dinner, and dessert. YUM!!! Then around 10:30 PM the girls started heading to the outlets! We shopped until 3:30 AM! I got some new running shoes and a salted caramel hot chocolate (if you’re going to indulge, this is the drink to get…SO AMAZING!) from Starbucks before heading back to Sarasota. I finally got to sleep around 4:30 AM. What a day!


I woke up at about 10:30 AM when my mom came in my room to tell me that she and my dad weren’t going to be able to make it to the lunch we’ve been planning for months with Evan’s parents. My uncle went to the hospital the previous day and my mom was taking care of his little girls and my dad was on-call to do what need to be done to help him. SO, as dissapointed as I was, I had to understand and go to the lunch on my own. I met Evan’s family at the best breakfast/lunch restaurant (a little biased, I worked there!) in Sarasota called Word of Mouth. Mmmm I had eggs benedict (probably not the healthiest choice but I could resist!). I spent the day with them shopping around before going to the fancy dinner at The Field Club. I’ll have to post pictures later of me wearing my dress, because I totally forgot my camera so Evan’s mom has some good ones.


Got to sleep in a little bit! Then Evan’s parents dropped him off around noon at my house. Evan and I were heading to ORLANDO for our one-year anniversary celebration. But first, I had my mom, who is a hairdresser, teach me how to cut Evan’s hair off. It was getting so long and bothering him so this was the perfect chance for me to test my skills with the clippers. It turned out so great! (See pictures below from our trip). We headed to Orlando around 3 PM and got there around 5 PM. There was no traffic, thank goodness!! We had dinner at Bubba Gumps in City walk before heading to see the Blue Man Group at Universal Studios. A great show! We were expecting more mind-blowing acts, but overall we were happy we saw it together. After the show we headed to Pat O’Briens in City Walk. I first went here in New Orleans last October and couldn’t wait to visit the Dueling Piano Bar again! I had a famous Hurricane (it’s probably the equivalent to 3 or 4 regular drinks), but couldn’t do anymore than that. Saved money ordering that one! Plus, you get to keep the glass cup as a souvenir! We were so tired after our amazing day but managed to stay up until 2 AM for our actually anniversary time. So much fun!

Ate my salad before I took a pic...oops!

Ate my salad before I took a pic...oops!

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich..yum!

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich..yum!




We were sad to check out of our incredible (and reasonably priced) hotel room the next morning. I wish we could have stayed another day just to enjoy the hotel (Double Tree at the Universal Studios entrance). BUT, we had something else to look forward to…WHOLE FOODS! It was right by the hotel and I had a list of things I needed so we made a stop there (3 hours!) before heading back to Gainesville. First, we visited the food bar for lunch. We filled a tray of food and split it…yum! (see below) Then we did some major shopping, going up and down every aisle looking at everything they had. We have a WF in Sarasota but the Orlando one put ours to shame!



After that we were back on the road, trying not to stress over the fact that it took us 4 hours, instead of 1.5, to get back. On our drive we got hungry so we snacked on vegan chocolate mousse, pecans, and Bear Naked Blueberry Walnut granola:




Unfortunately, we weren’t greeted by a friendly night in Gainesville. Evan got a phone call while we were unpacking the car at my place that his alarm went off at his condo and the police were there. We rushed over and found out that his window (in the back of the condo) had been smashed and someone tried to open the window and get in. The alarm did its job and no one entered or stole anything, but what a mess. We’d been planning on cooking dinner since last night was our official anniversary night, but by the time the police took pictures, dusted for finger prints and filed the report, it was 9 PM. We decided to order a pizza and concentrate on making the best of the situation. The maintenance guy came and boarded up the window and we picked up glass off the carpet and bed. The person smashed the window by taking a flower pot from Evan’s back porch and throwing it against the window. Glass flew clear across the room and some pieces were so, so tiny. The vacuum took care of the little pieces and we finally made it to sleep around midnight. I was spooked but hopefully it won’t happen again.

This is such a long post…thanks for reading! Now to today…Monday!

As much fun I had over the long weekend, I am very happy to be back in Gainesville and back to a routine. That routine smacked me in the face at 6:30 AM since I had to be at work by 7. That’s okay though, it’s probably better that way! As you could imagine by the schedule I had Thursday-Sunday, I didn’t get ANY of my C25K in. Agh! I plan on taking care of that tonight in my new shoes that I got at the midnight madness outlet shopping!! Can’t wait!

I started my day with a bowl of oatmeal and an attempted cup of instant coffee (it’s all they have where I babysit). The oatmeal…AMAZING! The coffee…NASTY! I didn’t drink it and had some water instead.My oatmeal had:

  • Quaker Multi-Grain oats
  • half a sliced banana
  • half of an Honest Food’s Maple Almond Cruch Granola Plank
  • a small drizzle of orange blossom honey


This blog took me forever to write since I have to make sure the girls are taken care of and content while I’m writing. They’re really mellow in the mornings so it’s not as hard as it would be in the afternoon. I’ll see you later tonight for my run recap and dinner! Have a great day everyone!