Well I made it back to my hometown for the Thanksgiving break! The trip wasn’t without some crazy drivers on I-75 though…man, people are in such a hurry to eat turkey! Anyway, I’m happy to be back safe and sound.

The last couple of days weren’t as relaxing as I originally thought they might be (hence the missed blog yesterday and my lack of pictures). During work yesterday I did the usual 2.0 mile walk with the twins. After work I DID manage to get in my first day of the C25K plan! It went really well…super easy. And I’m tempted to skip ahead as Lindsey has suggested. My boyfriend says I should stick to the plan so I don’t get injured. I think I’ll do that since it’s pretty light for now and I have so much school stuff going on the next couple of weeks (plus, definitely don’t want to get injured!). However, if I start to get anxious to do more maybe I will take Lindsey’s advice over Christmas break :).

The Dress Search

After my run I had to go shopping to find a dress. Sounds fun, right? Well, this dress is for a special, fancy dinner at The Field Club with my boyfriend’s family on Friday. His grandmother said the women needed to wear cocktail dresses. Well, I have dresses, but not one appropriate enough (i.e. sophisticated, chic, conservative) for something like this. My little black dresses are either tube tops or longer, fancier dresses. My criteria made the shopping difficult, especially since I only wanted to spend $50 or less. After nearly every store in the mall, I ended up in Macy’s. I was trying to avoid a department store because I get overwhelmed by the sea of dresses and high prices. I wound up trying on 7 dresses and found two that I would be happy with. One I LOVED (but it wasn’t on the sale rack which meant it was $90) and the other I only LIKED (it was on the 40% off rack). I took them both to the checkout counter and asked them to do a price check, just to make sure the one I LOVED was actually $90. Turns out, the one I LOVED (and bought) was marked down to $45 and the one I LIKED wasn’t on sale at all and still would have costed $100. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect situation! Yay! Here it is:


little black dress 🙂

pretty jewels

pretty jewels

What do you think? Family appropriate enough?

Tomorrow I plan on doing Day 3 of the C25K plan (it’s only every other day right now) with my little brother (well, he’s 14, but not little anymore). Then I have plans to go find runner’s pepper spray somewhere. Gotta be safe! I also need to make a run to Whole Foods to get shortening substitute for my mom’s pie crusts (trying to get her away from PHO’s). Other than that, I have a breakfast cookie waiting for me in the fridge and so does my whole family! My brother helped me make one for everyone to wake up to in the morning. I love being home 🙂

I hope everyone had a great day! Catch y’all tomorrow!